♡The Rivalry♡

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"Ugh!" you exclaimed as you looked through the newspaper. Your husband, Michael, was in the kitchen - preparing you a cup of tea. For the past several hours, you had been searching for a job - one that you liked. Quite frankly, the search had proven to be unsuccessful.

Now, despite the fact that your husband was a millionaire, and known as the King of Pop - you wanted to earn money on your own. Michael had never denied you of anything, but nothing felt better than to purchase things with your own hard earned money.

Michael walked into the living room, where you had been seated, and set down a cup of tea. Once he had done so, he sat down next to you and wrapped his arms around you in a comforting manner. He ran his fingers up and down your arm gently, letting out a small chuckle.

"You've got to relax!" he laughed. "You don't need to find a job,"

"Yes, but I want to," you responded before flipping to the next page.

"You know, I don't see why you're so set on finding a job," he sighed, shaking his head. "You don't need the money, and I can provide for you,"

"Because I...want to earn money for myself. I want to be able to work," you shrugged, turning to look at your husband. 

"I understand," he replied. "But you do know that it won't be easy," he raised an eyebrow. "People are going to recognize you when you go out in public," he cleared his throat. "Are you sure you can handle it?"

"I'll be fine," you whispered before your eyes widened when you saw a job offering that suited what you were looking for. "Oh my God," you breathed, reading the requirements. The opening was for a personal assistant to a significant artist in the music industry. "This is it!"

Michael laughed at your enthusiasm. 

"I just need to show up at the address for an interview!" you laughed. "I'm so excited!" 


Later during that day, you had gotten dressed into a formal pantsuit. Your hair was lightly teased, and left to fall naturally. Wearing a subtle shade of red lipstick, you were the image of perfection. 

An hour had passed since you had made your way down to the address that you had seen in the newspaper. The building was an old museum, and as soon as you had seen the architecture - you smiled. 

It was beautiful. 

You walked up the steps before you were greeted by a security guard at the door. 

"Can I help you, ma'am?" he cleared his throat.

"Uh yes...there was an ad in the newspaper, and-"

"Ah, the job offering," he stepped aside to let you in. "Just go straight ahead and he's waiting for you in the lobby," 

You nodded, quite surprised that the person at hand was a he. It was somewhat of a mystery.

As you walked ahead, you frowned when you saw a man, seated on the sofa. When he looked up, you gasped. 

The man before you was Michael's longtime rival.



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