♡A Change♡

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You sighed as you walked into Michael's dressing room. Your legs were tired, and your feet were sore. Michael, your husband, had just finished rehearsals for the day, and at present moment, you were waiting for him to come to you.

Sure enough, a moment passed before Michael walked into the dressing room - a tired look on his face.

"Hey," he smiled, a tired look on his face.

"Hey," you smiled back, running your fingers through your hair. You made your way to the small sofa, sitting down and stretching your legs.

Michael stood in front of the mirror before he turned his head to look at you. His eyes studied you, and after a moment - you noticed that your husband was staring at you.

It took you several seconds to realize that his eyes had moved to your thighs, that had been exposed by your dress. When you had initially sat down, the dress rode up - exposing your legs.

"Yes?" you questioned innocently, making him bring his eyes back to meet yours.

Michael said nothing, walking up to you and getting onto the sofa - bringing himself to hover over you.

He kissed you, making you melt. Even after five years of marriage, he still always managed to make you feel like a love-sick school girl.

As Michael deepened the kiss, you brought your hands to wrap themselves around his neck. He pulled away slightly to look into your eyes.

"Michael," you whispered, laughing a little as his hands moved up and down your thigh, setting your innards on fire.

He began to move to your neck, making you moan softly.

"Michael," you pushed him away slightly. "We've never done this...here," you giggled quietly. "Had sex in your dressing room,"

"Well that's about to change," he winked.

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