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Daryl's pov

"what do you mean she's clearing from existence" I yelled, have seen so many wolf movies but most of them didn't end like this, why does my own life have be so different.

"Only u can save her now, she's somewhere in the depth of a dark place, I can connect you to her" the afro said

"And please call me dennis" she said, wow dennis,no one said that same was unisex.i don't know much about harbinger stuff but if it's gonna bring her back,it's worth a shot.

"Fine just do it" I breathed and she nodded weakly.

She held my hand and stared into my eyes, "concentrate" she said and i stared at her eyeballs, is it me or this is really weird?

Seriously dennis we ain't in romeo and Juliets time

I kept staring at her and all of sudden I wasn't in the room anymore, I was in a dark cave,with weak lights, I saw a figure walking and I ran to it.

It's Holland, her hair is wet, she's scared and her eyeballs are shaking in their sockets, she's getting leaner and leaner with every minute.

"Holland" I yelled and she turned

"D-d-d Daryl" she stammered

"Don't go,come back to me, look I know I messed up big time, I couldn't control myself, I placed my anger on you after you helped but now I realised that u are not only a friend,you are my guardian angel ,  my luna, you are mine and am not afraid to claim you, you are a reason to live life for and I appreciate your help" I breathed heavily.

"I may not be perfect but at least I have feelings to nurse for you,please just give me a chance and come back to me" I begged and fell on my knees

"I-i-i-"she stammered and water dripped from her hair

"Forgive you" she completed and fell but I rushed and caught her

"Daryl, y-y-you are my-my-my alpha" she said and a drop of water dripped from her hair and she disappeared from my hands in a form of leaf.

I came back to reality and she was still lying down.

"Did it work" I asked breathing heavily

And Dennis nodded positively

Sometimes I wonder if this dennis doesn't hear English I asked if it worked and she nodded positively while my luna is lying pale and cold on t................

I was interrupted from my thoughts when Holland levitated and she came down hard causing wind to blow me and Dennis hitting us both on the door and shattering her windows to pieces.

Holland's pov

I sneezed and men is there a festival going on in my head that I didn't approve  cause this head is a motherfucker.

I held my head and got up from the wet bed which my hair made wet obviously cause it's still dripping.

I saw daryl and the afro lady I helped earlier getting up while removing shattered pieces of glass from their shoulders.

Daryl rushed to me and knelt down beside me

"Daryl" I smiled

"Am sti....." he interrupted me by placing his lips on mine and kissed me.

He pulled back and hugged me

" I know you are still angry with me" he said

"Am not now" I smiled

"Daryl I want you to do me a favour" I said and daryl looked at the afro while the afro  nodded and smiled

"Anything for you" he replied

"Mark me" I said.

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