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All About Minecraft Mobs

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In Mincraft there are mobs. They can be monsters or animals. There are many mobs. Here they are...

              Creepers are monsters that will follow you around. If you hit them they explode, so either hit them fast, or run!!!!!!  But if you do kill them, they can give you gunpowder, which you can make TNT with. Creepers also have a tendency to blow up right next to your house, so you better lure them away first. Iron armor is a great thing to wear all the time, just in case one blows up next to you.

          Cave spiders and spiders are almost the same, except cave spiders are more blue and are stronger. They make a sound that is kind of like a hiss but a cough, and spiders are way easier to find than cave spiders. They only spawn in the dark. When killed they can drop string, useful for bow and arrows, and sometimes you get a spider eye. Cave spiders are smaller, too. Cave spiders are only and aare always in abandoned mineshafts.

        Endermen are tall, black mobs with purple eyes. They sometimes move blocks around. Even pumpkins! But never look at an Endermen straight on, because they will start attacking you. (Wearing a pumpkin can prevent this.) They are REALLY hard to kill because they teleport. Armor will be useful. But if you do kill an Endermen, they drop an ender pearl, which can take you to a stronghold,(by throwing them, they will lead you too one) which can take you to The End (In strongholds).

    Silverfish are strange silver mobs, and very small. They hide in the stone bricks of strongholds, the only place they are found. In creative mode, there are monster egg blocks, and silverfish spawn from them when broken!

       Zombies are easy to kill. They usually drop flesh, but sometimes you get iron tools! If eaten, the flesh has a high chance of making you sick. Zombies burn in the daylight. In a village zombies will bang on doors. It gets pretty annoying. They can crack the doors and even bust them down. They moan and groan.

      Skeletons are a little harder to kill because they have a bow and arrows. They can shoot you from farther away. They can drop bones or arrows or both. Bones can be used to make bone meal. Bows can be dropped too, but that is very rare. Even more rare, they can drop enchanted bows.

     Slimes seem like they never end. If you kill a slime, it turns into several  smaller slimes. Then if you kill those, they each turn into several tiny slimes. And if you kill those, you finally get slime balls. They only spawn in open areas close to bedrock. So in superflat, they are everywhere!

Spider Jockeys are very rare. They are skeletons that ride spiders! When killed they can drop what spiders and skeletons usually drop.

Bats are very annoying. They spawn in dark places and make VERY annoying squeaking sounds. They drop appsolutely NOTHING, not even exp!

Witches are found in huts that only spawn in swamp biomes. They drop a variety of things from glass bottles to redstone. They throw harmful potions at you. There noses wiggle, too!

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