Excessive spelling/grammer errors

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Now, first I want to say, everyone makes mistakes and messes up spelling or grammar sometimes. Even me. But what I'm talking about is far worse than a simple mistake.

Have y'all ever tried to read a fanfic and the spelling was so bad that you couldn't understand what was going on, cause I have. It's the most annoying thing when some fanfic looks like it's gonna be super lit but then the spelling errors make it so that you can't even see the amazing plot. Like when there's an error every two words. It pisses me off so much because I really want to read someone's work but I physically cannot because of the errors.

Also, SPELLCHECK! I run my shit through a spell checker before I publish. Like idk is that too much to ask for.

I really want to give an example so let's go. I've been watching bnha recently so I'll make a little deku oneshot. Lmao it will pain me to do this but that's okay it's for y'alls entertainment.

My NUmBer OnE HErO

I was waljing on tje street, wen I herd a scream wring threw the air. I webt ti look in the direaction of were it was cominh from, bit somethonb grabed me. I fet a nife pres against my nec nd I screamed at the tup of my lunhs. The blad presed harder against my nec nd I closed my eys nd begen to cry. I herd the grunt of somone a litle bit away frem me. Then I herd hes vouce. "Don't wory mis, Ill help yu." Then I herd foosteps in my direaction and I herd the sam vouce yell 'detroit smash'. I no longer fet the nife against my nec. But I dint open my eys. "It's oky mis, ur safe now." I epened my eys and sew a boy around my age dresed as a gren bunni. I ren towrds him nd pulled him ento a tiht enbrace.

"Thank yu. Ur my hero."

You know it must be pretty bad when you can't even remember what you were trying to write because it's so messed up with spelling errors. I'd like to say that this was pretty extreme but honestly I've seen worse. Sometimes, I even see shit and it looks like a mix between two languages. God it truly did hurt to write that. But that's what I'm talking about. Like, if it's just couple errors in the entire thing, like mine on occasion, it's fine. But if it's that then damn idk what to tell you.

That is what is described as an oof. A term that describes a Fat L. Other terms are super oof, fat oof, mega oof, and for those who go above and beyond on our oof scale, infinite oof.

Idk where I was going with that. Anyway, time to get onto the roast section of the category. This is where I will drag whoever does stuff like this through the dirt with insults. Of course now is a good time to remind; ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE.

Ok so I shall begin by saying what the fuck. I mean, it lowkey looks like a three year old trying to fucking write. To whoever does this, do y'all just have fucking pets that you let walk on the keyboard and then just have fucking text replacement and auto correct work it's magic. Honestly I don't think y'all do that because if you did, then maybe at least some of it will be spelled right. Jesus, is it truly that hard to type grammarly in the google, bing, or whatever the hell search bar and insert your damn work in it and have to check for mistakes. It's free and takes less that 30 seconds so why, why do you choose to continue this despicable shit. May the gods bless those who are like this so maybe they'll change.

Damn that was a rant if I've ever seen one. Well I hope y'all enjoyed. Also comment shit that annoys you in fanfic and i'll do a chapter on it because this is really fun for me to let my anger loose. Hehe bai my bois.

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