Excerpt from I am Darkfell...

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Targ was a small man, but he was well-respected. Of course, this was mainly because he was rather rich, having managed in just a few short years to build the largest mill operation in Heinmark. As often happens with very successful businessmen, the owner soon became bored and decided to try his hand at politics. It was then that Targ discovered that while he was respected by all, he was not very well liked, and so it was that he sold his business interests, recruited a veritable army of cousins and distant relations, and made his way north to start a new town of which surely he would be the mayor. It was not long before this latest venture became a thriving success, and it may not surprise you to know that Targ soon found the position of mayor unsatisfying and took to calling himself a king. Oddly enough, it only took ten years for most parties concerned to either take him seriously or not care enough to be bothered by it, and so the Border Kingdom of Morvant, just southeast of the Dark Fells, came into being.

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