The Characters

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The leader of the team, age 17. His uses the bow, fighting stick, sometimes a pistol, or stun gun, a grappling hook, and mini explosives. He is skilled at martial arts, and is very stealthy and agile. His superhero name is deadshot, or the iron archer, since he always hits what he aims for. He has black hair and deep blue eyes. He wears a dark blue short sleeve shirt , black pants, steel toed shoes, red gloves and a face mask.

His powers are dark magic, he can throws orbs of it, and use it as telekinesis. He can also fly, turn invisible for a very short time, super strength, and night vision. His hearing is also amplified. He is very agile and stealthy. He has black hair and silvery black eyes. His age is 17. He wears a black short sleeve shirt with red sleeves, black pants, boots, and a face mask.
His superhero name is DarkWave.

She is basically an alien because she is from outer space. Her powers are, she can jump really high, and she can Teleport but only within 4 feet of where she is. She can shift into any person for a while, but only if wearing a piece of their clothing, but when in that person's form, she keeps her own voice so she has to try and copy their voice. Her age is 16. She has brown hair and purple eyes. She wears a grey sleeveless shirt and dark red Capri pants with a small purple skirt.
Her superhero name is Cosmos.

She is a a vampire, and being one comes with being able to fly, have eyesight and hearing is amplified, night vison, and having speed(which since she has it, it makes her healing progress immensely faster), agility, stealth, and super strength. She can create a mind link if, but only to one person at as time, and only if they are close.(This means She can talk to them through her mind, they they can talk back) She also learned how to have firepower and waterpower, and use telekinesis.
She has silvery red eyes and black hair. Her age is 17. She wears a black shortsleeve shirt, black pants, long boots, fingerless gloves, a face mask and a small cape.
Her superhero name is NightStrike.

He is a shapeshifter, but only of animals. Any animal he shifts into, he has the abilities of it. The only way you can tell it's him when he's an animal, because somewhere on him there's a deep red stripe.
His age is 16. He has brown hair and green eyes. He wears a blue body suit with black shoes, and rings of purple around his ankles and wrists.
His superhero name is BeastShifter.

She is a expert with anything mechanical. She has a mechanical arm, which can change into a sort of cannon that shoots pulses of energy. On her hands, her pointer finger can change into many things, like a mini torch, a screwdriver, and a knife. Her shoulder, a light can pop up from it, and she can shoot a grapple book from her wrist.
She has made many things like, night vision goggles, fully soundproof earmuffs, a cape that snaps into a glider, mini air tanks, and so on. Her age is 17. She has blond hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a purple quartersleeve shirt with a hood and black pants.
Her superhero name is Gears.

Also On the top of the page where pictures are I put a map of their tower, enjoy the story!:)
In the story I'm playing as selene.
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Hey this is later, that map I promised, of the tower, I forgot I promised it, *oopsies* and I'll try to get on that

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