Touchdown on Planet Namek!

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Hey everybody! Hope you enjoy what this story had in store. There are some elements that are the same, but I'm trying not to tell it just like the show.

But don't worry, it'll be interesting, and be sure to review and tell me what you think, and feedback is good, but NO HATE! If you don't like it, don't read! These are my ideas and I wanted to show them, just like any writer.

Anyways here's the first chapter!

After the events of the Saiyan invasion, Gohan, Krillin and Bulma devised a plan to go to planet Namek and use their dragon balls in order to revive their fallen comrades.

Along the way they came across many obstacles, such as a group of space orphans and a fake Namek. Luckily they were able to get back on track.

Right now, the z-team had just entered the planets atmosphere and Bulma carefully landed the ship in a safe spot, in the middle of nowhere.

Gohan and Krillin got off the ship and decided to take a little look around.

"So this is Namek, huh?" Krillin muttered.

The planet was very similar to that on earth, though the sky and grass had switched colors. It was quiet and no living being was in sight; it almost seemed lifeless.

"Wonder where everyone is?" Gohan asked.

"Well, I'm sensing a group of energy levels,"
Krillin pointed out. "Must be them."

Bulma then jumped out of the space ship with her bag in hand. "Alright! Let's get some dragon balls!"

The bluenette took out her dragon radar from her bag and pressed the button on top. On the screen, it showed four blinking dots all together.

"Wow! The dragon radars already picking up four dragon balls!"

Krillin smiled with delight. "Awesome! This'll be easier than I thought!" He and Bulma started to do a happy dance, and Gohan couldn't help but laugh.

Suddenly, he felt unsetting ki coming from the south. "Hey, do you feel that Krillin?" he asked his friend.

Krillin stopped dancing and chimed into the energy too. "I do now. It's...weird."

"Oh, come on guys. It's probably just the namekians, or even some animals." she tried to tell them.

Krillin just shook his head. "No, somethings different."

Neither of them could explain the strange energy they felt, it was bad so it couldn't be the namekians.

Just as they were thinking what to do, a small space pod flew into the atmosphere and struck down on the planet. "Uhh...guys..." Bulma stuttered. "Was that what...I think it was...?"

Meanwhile elsewhere on the planet, a mysterious group of aliens were gathered at a Namekian village, or the remains of it. Bodies of the Namekians were scattered around, and their purple blood soaked the ground.

Alien soldiers surrounded the house and three were off to the side, the third sat in a hover chair, crossing her legs, waiting for one of her men to return from the hut, a few moments later, a purple alien came out carrying a large orange sphere, aka a dragon ball.

"For you, princess." The said princess smirked. "Very good, just three more left."

Now I bet you're wondering who this woman is.

Her name is Princess Frieza, Evil empress of the universe, feared by all, and head of the second division A, of the Planet Trade Organization. So, yeah...she's not a nice person. And aside from being unimaginably powerful, she's also incredibly beautiful (on the outside that is).

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