Chapter Six

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Do You Know The Muffin Man?

After grabbing some food for Andie who claimed she'd die without eating food in that very moment, Lucas insisted on bringing us to Smith's to pick up some snacks for tonight. Andie didn't hold back on loading the basket with things we most likely wouldn't manage to eat by ourselves, and when I opened my mouth to vocalize my opinion Lucas looked at me with firm eyes and shook his head, without anything having to be actually vocalized, in that moment, I saw exactly what he was trying to do; buy extra food so it'd stay at my place once girls night was over.

When Andie randomly thought of the one thing she was missing, she took off running down the grocery store isles, leaving me and Lucas in her dust. Laughing at her enthusiasm in a grocery store, Lucas shook his head, "I don't know how she isn't overweight yet, her love for food is astounding." He commented, completely amused.

I agreed, but couldn't let him in on it just yet. "Lucas, why are you letting Andie pick out all this food? You should know that we really won't be able to eat it all tonight, sure a few things, but this is obviously too much!" I pointed out.

Lucas shrugged, "Its better to have too much, than to run out of a good thing. Plus it can just stay at your place..." He suggested, moving quicker in the direction Andie had went in earlier, knowing that I wouldn't talk about it with her around.

Reaching out and grabbing onto his arm, keeping him from walking too quickly, I shook my head, "I told you I'm fine, beside's you're already getting me the job, I don't need you to buy me food too..." I complained.

Laughing lightly under his breath, Lucas shook his head, "It's more Andie than it's me," He pointed out, "Honestly 99 percent of what's in this cart is because of Andie, and if you want to explain to her why you don't want her to get all of this food, be my guest, I just don't want to be anywhere near when you tell her. Knowing her she'll think you're calling her fat or something ridiculous."

Running a hand through my hair, and dropping my other hand from holding Lucas's arm, "You think she'd really think that?" I asked softly.

A smile curled on Lucas's lips at this question, "You have no idea...My sister does not like to be questioned on her actions," He filled me in, rounding the isle corner with the cart and nearly running right into Andie who was making her way back in out direction with a gallon of ice-cream and an abundance of topping choices piled in her arms.

"Damn, how the hell did you even get all of that in your arms?" I exclaimed, seriously impressed with how many things she was currently balancing in her arms.

Andie smiled at my words and fought back her laughter as she let everything tumble from her arms into the cart. Thankfully she hadn't grabbed any toppings in glass containers, so the banging against the other groceries wasn't a dangerous action and only slightly loud. "That my dear friend was pure talent. Maybe one day I'll share with you the secret to learning it," She beamed, turning on her heels and tugging on the cart, "Time to pick out a movie!" She ordered, leading us towards the small movie selection in the grocery store. Silence over took the three of us as we all looked over the movie titles. Nothing in particular was screaming out to me, so I waiting for one of the others to make a suggestion, "How about 'The Conjuring'?" Andie suggested.

Shaking my head instantly, I began to refuse, "You have no idea how much I absolutely hate scary movies..." I explained quickly, "There is no way at all I'm going to watch that movie," I told her truthfully.

Lucas chuckled at my words and earned himself a punch in the arm, which had pure surprise slipping onto his face, obviously not expecting that response from me towards his laughter. "Ouch, that was not very nice," He complained, holding onto the place I hit him, his bottom lip jutting out, but it was obviously just a phony cry of pain when in reality it was impossible for me to cause actual pain to him, the punch most likely hurting my hand more than it did his bicep.

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