Chapter 26- Letters

After the vacation week, we came back exactly 8 P.M. Aiden brought me home and left after I settled my things.

I woke up early and realized it was a Monday.

I forced myself to get up and take a warm bath. I changed my clothes into a black hoodie that says there 'DUH!' printed in white bold, black leggings, and my black wedges.

° ~ °

When I arrived at school, I met Ciara at my locker just chilling.

"Hey Ciara!"

"Halo Heather!"

I chuckled at her and opened my locker. I was actually annoyed because everyday I would be receiving letters from my 'fans.'

"Seriously? Letters again?" She rolled her eyes and leaned against the lockers.

"I know right. It's getting pretty annoying." I got the whole letters and put them inside an empty bag.

"Would you read them?"

"No. Why would I? I mean seriously, they already know I have a boyfriend. Why bother giving letters to me even now?" I scoffed and threw them in the trash can.

"Well, at least keep 1 letter." I gave her the "are-you-kidding-me' look then we both burst out laughing.

That's why I was glad I met Ciara when she spilled a hot drink all over me.

After my class, I saw Aiden laughing with Zach and Ciara. I sat down beside Aiden and quickly gave him a peck.

"Hey beautiful," Zach grinned at me.

"You think I'm beautiful?! Aww, so cute," pinching both his cheeks.

"I mean no, I don't think you pretty." he said with a sarcastic tone.

"Hahaha. Very funny Zach," as I took one of his french fries.

"Hey Aiden, did you know, Heather always recieves tons of letters?"

I hate you Ciara.

So much.

He stopped eating his burger then turned around to face me.

"You receive a lot of letters?"

"Yup! Even though you're her boyfriend. Still, they woudn't mind." Ciara giggled.

I know that tone she was using. She would always use that tone to other people for payback or revenge.

"Well, I want them to stop. You're mine!" he growled and pulled him to me.

"Don't get your man panties in a twist Aiden. I know I'm yours."

The bell rang and Ciara and Zach went to their next class. Aiden walked with me to my next class and well, it was kind of awkward because Aiden hadn't spoken to me since lunch.

I stopped walking and he noticed that he was ahead of me.

"Aiden, are you mad at me?"

"No, I'm just pissed." He mumbled.

"Was it because of the letters? Because I promise you I threw all of them. Ciara even wanted to keep one so she would make fun of the letter." I told him honestly.

He didn't look at me or even glanced at me. He was upset. I was so sad because he didn't trust me.

"Was it since before? Did they give you letters since you transfered here?" He looked at me with those big brown eyes.

Those dazzling eyes.

"Yeah, I read it twice though, but I never even approached them asking for a date with me. I promise." I took his hand and played with his long fingers.

"Just tell me if the letters bother you ok?" I nodded and our lips met.

And he's back everyone.

Aiden Knight is back!

° ~ °

During the past few weeks, letters were getting less and Aiden was kind of pissed, but glad that there were only a few.

The next day, I opened my locker and a tiny note fell.

"Why do you only have one letter? You usually have a lot." Ciara asked. I guess Aiden threatened them to back off.

"I don't know," I said. I opened the letter and my skin went pale.

"Heather? Why do you look like you just saw a puppy get killed?" I immediately ran to Aiden.

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

"Aiden!" I screamed in the hallway. People might think I was some crazy lunatic. I saw Aiden laughing with Zach and some jocks leaning on the walls.

I tapped his shoulder and didn't notice it was me.

"What?" his tone in annoyance. "Oh, hi babe," he kissed my cheek and I pushed the letter to him.

"Read this," He got the letter and his face was filled with concern. He eyes went to the letter and his scowled. He crampled the paper and gave it to Zach.

"I LIKE YOU-N," he read.


Nathan likes Heather?! Oh no..... What do you think is going to happen to all of them???

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