Chapter 16

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(Keith POV)

"Ok Lance I'm gonna head out" I walk down the stairs to the front door "Lotor's waiting, Love you" I wave as he stands by my room door

"Love you too!" He waves back. I open the door and walk to the city. I was wearing my leather jacket and ripped jeans. I also was wearing my leather boots. Hey, I'm a leather guy.

\\ //

"Hey, Keith! Over here!" Lotor waves. He was standing outside a Starbucks

"Hey" I walk to him "so, why did you wanna meat me here?"

"Walk with me and I'll explain" he gestures to the side walk. He was acting weird

"Ok?" He starts to walk ahead of me, I run next to him

"I wanted to talk about you, and Lance"


"You've known him for how long?"

"In June it's gonna be 6 months I believe"

"Well, I've known him too long"


"He's not right for you"

"What do you mean?" We stop at a bus stop.

"Look, the bus"

"Don't Chang-"

"Let's go" he pulls me onto the bus and onto a seet

"Ok, What did you mean by, 'he's not right for me'?"

"I think someone else would be better for you" he cups my face.

"?" The bus stops

"Ah, We're here!" He points outside. I slap his hand off my face. He pulls me off the bus and runs into a ally way.

'HE HAS A CRUSH ON ME?!' I mentally slap myself

"Stand still" he smiles. He presses a button in the wall. A key pad floats out, he enters some numbers.

He walks inside and closes the wall door behind him.

It was pitch black in the room. All I can hear is his light breaths

"Lotor, what are we doing here?"

"You see," he pushes me down. I fall onto a chair, he wraps rope around me "You're my one way ticket" He turns on a light. I'm sitting there. Rose was in a corner with a eye patch on, and Bill and Jack were there

"Ticket to what?!"

"Remember when I said 'Someone else is better for you'?"


"Well, you're my one way ticket to Lance's heart, that's means go find another guy" he smirks "ok, Rose. He's all yours"

"Your our Play toy Keith" Rose walks to me and sits on my lap.

"N-not again!" I growl. She puts her pointer finger on my mouth, I bite it.

"Shit! You little bitch!" She rubs her finger and gets up

"Now~, where is that phone?" Lotor looks through my bag. He pulls out my phone and puts it up to my face and unlocks it "We're just gonna text Lance a few things~"

"Lotor sto-" before I could finish, Bill put a cloth around my mouth so I couldn't talk back

"Found him! His contact name is Freckles, how cute" his voice gets darker at the end of his sentence

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