No GoodByes

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"Nathaniel accepts you as his mate."

I sat on my bed a red blush covering my cheeks.
I had a mate, he was mine, and I was his. I didn't care that the Alpha thought he was going to die. I knew he'd get away, he was the kind who could make miracles happen.
I fell backwards onto the bed biting my lip lightly. Who knew having a mate made you feel so strong? I felt like I could do anything if only I tried.
My lip had healed after we'd accepted each other and I was glad he wasn't mad at me.
After what had happened not even the Alpha could bring down my mood.
But then I remembered.
'I won't be able to see you for a while, will you stay strong for me?'
I suddenly felt like I'd fallen off of cloud nine til I hit the ground.
I wouldn't see him for who knows how long, one minute wasn't nearly enough time to spend with him before he'd be gone for so long.
Closing my eyes I pictured his smile. I remembered how it felt to have his arms around me, and it helped.
He was alive, I may not see him for a while, but I would see him again. I'd stay strong for him.
Things were quiet for a while, I perked up my ears, but I still couldn't hear anything out of the ordinary. I almost thought it was too quiet, but this house was always too quiet. I'd thought there would have been more people here, walking around, talking. But the only other people I'd seen was the Alpha, his wife, and Jacob's friends and their girlfriends. This house was so large, and so empty at the same time. I never wanted to come back.
Sure my house didn't have a lot of people, but it was smaller. And it was almost never quiet. I was used to the creaking of the old house and the sound of the window slipping through the window on windy nights.
It was my home, and I missed it, I missed my dad, I wanted to give him a hug and have him pet my head. I wanted to tell him about Nathaniel.
I closed my eyes with a sigh feeling tears prick my eyes.
Those two would get along, I just knew they would, unless they got into the topics of Alpha and Omega positions. Then the fights would start. My dad wasn't a fighter, he was nor,ally very passive aggressive in his thoughts especially to a higher up. But to the people who lived around us, he would calmly state his opinion and make an argument. If they ignored his argument he didn't see a reason to fight them, they were only seeing their side and my father wouldn't talk to them about that subject anymore.
A sudden growl erupted from my stomach yanking me back to reality from my thoughts. I hummed as I sat up and dug into my backpack for an apple.
'Just s few more hours, then I can go home.' I thought to myself as I munched on the red fruit.

Then I can go home.

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