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minkyung walked around the halls of the school, feeling nervous. she knew she would meet yebin here somewhere, considering the ghost would follow her around constantly.

but still. you can't blame her for not wanting to talk to the ghost.

and almost as if on cue, something appeared in front of her. it was fuzzy at first, but it soon turned into an outline of a girl. then she looked as if she was a girl. and damn, minkyung has seen her a million times before, but still. the girl was breathtaking.

kang yebin.

"you—" the ghost paused, looking up into minkyung's eyes. she knowingly was using all of her power just for this moment. minkyung could see that yebin didn't care.

"you... like me?"

minkyung hesitated, but nodded slowly, butterflies sprouting in the pit of her stomach. and, she hated to admit this, but she loved it. she loved the feeling that she got around yebin, and now, she knew she didn't have to try to hide it, or want to.

who cares if you love a ghost?

the blonde stepped closer and closer, realizing the moment and ceasing it. she couldn't help it. she focused all of her energy and...

kang yebin the ghost, kissed minkyung the human.



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