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listen, yebin.
we really need to talk.
i'm so sorry, i know you're mad at me

yebin 💖:
i'm not mad.
i'm disappointed in you, roro unnie.

i know.
i'm sorry.
listen yebinie, i didn't kiss all of those guys because i wanted to. i can't say i didn't want to either bc that's not the case. i was neutral. i wanted something small, something delirious to take me away from this feeling that i've had for you. i didn't want to admit that i was falling for you, just like i did before. i tried to annoy it, but i couldn't... so i tried kissing other people. to avoid the feeling that i had in my stomach. i barely know you, true, but i fell for you almost immediately — when i first received those flowers. they're beautiful, yebin. and i can't help it, but i have to say it now.
kang yebin, i fucking like you.

yebin 💖:


a/n: finally nearing the end.

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