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"You seem upset, is it that time
Of the month again?"
"Is it that time of the month?"
Do you even realize what you're mocking?
Yes, it's that time of the month. The time of the month that our insides begin to collapse. It's the time of the month when we feel so sick that we want to collapse inside ourselves. It's abdominal pains so bad that you wonder if your appendix is rupturing or if your ovaries are just acting up. It's that time of month when you walk around utterly exhausted. And oh heaven forbid that it's "that time of month" during a busy week because you just have to endure sleeplessness. You can't drink coffee, no soda, not even sugar, because any caffeine will make you nauseous beyond belief. It's that time of month when the stench of stain remover blends with the smell of your perfume.
It's constant bathroom breaks. "You have to go to the bathroom AGAIN? Just stop drinking so much water!"
No. You don't understand. I HAVE to drink this water. I feel sick, I need to wash the nausea down. I'm exhausted and I can't have caffeine, I need SOMETHING to wake me up- even if it's just cool water.
It's mood swings from the pits of hell. It's anger and rage and all the sadness we push down so frequently bubbling up all at once. It's long nights of pondering life. It's brain activity racing for no explainable reason other than it being "that time of month."
In fact, "that time of month" is the feeling of shame. It's knowing that you're disgusting and unclean for something you can't control. It's never mentioning how sick you feel because it's just "gross" and something that "no one wants to hear." The fact that you, a woman, feels awful is an "exaggeration," and "disgusting."
So to answer your question, yes, it is that time of month. It's the time of month where I remember my female pride. I am a woman. I feel horribly sickly at least once a week so that you and all people will one day exist. I am not disgusting, I am in pain and my pain is endurable and worth the nausea because one day my pain will bring life into this world. I am a woman, it IS that time of month, and one day, when my time of month brings life into being, I will raise that life to respect women.

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