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 My surgery went uneventfully. My new leg was better than the last. The same grey color, but moved more fluidly. It blended into the actual muscle better. Even though I didn't need it, Tony suggested a day of bed rest and some therapy to get used to the new leg. I was so empty feeling, I didn't care. Fury was dead. S.H.I.E.L.D was compromised. Steve and I were lost.

Steve was by my side, as usual. After I was attacked, he was scared to leave me alone. He wasn't telling me anything. I just knew that everyone was listening. But I needed to know what was going on. " I have a meeting with Alexander Pierce today." He finally said.

Alexander Pierce was the Secretary of the World Security Council. Nick Fury trusted him. I know that. I met Pierce once in all my time at S.H.I.E.L.D. All I know is that he was important, and he a large appreciation for my brother and I. I nodded, " Okay."

" They're coming in to question you." He said.

I sighed, " I know."

He glanced at me. I know he wanted me to lie. Which was so unlike him. But I had to. If S.H.I.E.L.D was compromised, and Steve and I could only trust each other, this was bad news. I shrugged, " What did they do with my shield?"

" Tony took it home."

" Tell him to bring it along with my clothes when he comes back."

Steve nodded, standing up and kissing my forehead, " I'll be back soon."

I sighed. He lingered for a little. I know he was worried to leave me alone. He brushed my bangs behind my ear. He treated me like I was made of glass since New York. I frowned, " Steven. 27, not 12."

He nodded, " I'm sorry. I'll see you later."

The second he left my room, the S.H.I.E.L.D officials came in, including Kate. I didn't mean to scowl, but I did. " Hey neighbor."

She sighed, " Captain Rodgers, I'm Agent Sharon and I was sent to protect you and your brother from the force that killed Nick Fury."

I shrugged, " Well, we're alive, he isn't. I suppose you did your job."

A male agent sat down, " Miss. Rodgers, we need you to tell us what happened."

" Captain." I corrected him, " And I can't say much. I saw a figure outside my window when Nick Fury got shot. I ran across a few rooftops before I lost sight of him. That's when he attacked me, hit me in the head and crushed my leg. I didn't see him."

" You didn't see him at all?"

" I saw his metal arm. That was it. He broke my leg, hit me in the head and that's all I saw of him."

They looked disappointed, but they bought it. " Thank you for your time, Captain." Kate, or Sharon said.

I nodded. Thank God Tony showed up so they didn't ask me anything else. " Shoo, shoo." He said, " She needs her rest after this surgery."

They left the room, and Tony set my backpack down, my shield next to it. " How's the leg?"

I moved my knee, wiggled my toes, " Working."

" Thank god for the surgeons. I'd love to stay but I gotta get home. When you and Steve come to New York, you know where to find me."

" I'll see you, Tony." I hugged him.

" Don't get into trouble that I can't fix."


I was getting dressed when shit hit the fan.

I had just tied my shoes when Steve burst into my hospital room, handing me my shield, and pulling me along.

I didn't ask what was going on until we got to a vending machine, and he looked panicked. " Steve, what the hell?"

" They tried to kill me." He whispered, " Where is it? God dammit."

" Someone is in trouble."

We both turned to see Natasha, blowing a bubble of gum. Steve grabbed my arm and hers, pulling us into an empty room. She pulled a flashdrive from her pocket, " What's on it, Steve?"

" I wish I knew." Steve said. 

She raised an eyebrow, " Keeping secrets now?"

" Can someone tell me what's going on?" I sighed.

" You tell me. Tell me about the man that attacked you. Metal arm? Long hair? Dark clothes? Strong like you two? Russian?"

I felt cold. A shock of fear ran through my body, " How do you know that?"

She pulled her shirt up, showing a huge scar from a bullet. " Because I've had a few run ins."

I wanted to vomit. I remember that Nat had a bad past in Russia. She never told me the details. " Who is he?"

" They call him The Winter Solider. He's the deadliest assassin in the world. You and I, we're the only people to live to tell the story."

Steve looked mad, " Whatever is on this drive, you stole it from Fury on the boat."

" That's what you did?" I asked.

" Not the point." She sighed, " Listen. If you really got on the radar of the Winter Solider? Something is wrong. Very wrong. Fury is dead because of him."

" S.H.I.E.L.D is compromised." I whispered, " Steve."

My brother hated when I was scared. He knew I was, so I knew a fire was lit within him. " We need to find out what's on that flash drive."

He took it from Nat, storming out ahead of me. Natasha stopped me, " Are you okay? Obviously you can hold your own better than I can against someone like him."

" He was going to kill me." I said, the pain in my leg creeping back like a ghost, " He had the knife raised but then he just stared at me. He spoke in Russian but I knew what he said because you taught me."

" What did he say?"

" He told me to stay down."

Nat was stoic thinking hard as we walked, " He doesn't speak unless he knows he's going to kill you. He didn't say a word to me because I wasn't his mission."

Really made me feel better. So I heard his voice and now I'm going to die. Peachy. " Is he going to come back for me?"

" If S.H.I.E.L.D is compromised. I got the alert that Steve is a fugitive and most likely has either kidnapped you or is working with you. So for now, he's to be shot on sight and you're to be taken for questioning."

My brother is a fugitive? What happened?

" I guess I'm back in the field." I mumbled.

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