It's a Bloodbath!

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"V Generation" was nominated in the Vampire category of the 2018 Readers' Choice Awards!

"Fix That Bitch" was also nominated in the Random/Nonfiction category.

I'd greatly appreciate your votes. Voting is unlimited, so in the words of ESHurricane, this will be a bloodbath!


I can't believe it. "V Generation" has received nearly 1,100 votes in the vampires category of the #ReadersChoiceAward 2018.

My friends and fellow writers have really pulled through. Thanks to all of you!

Special thanks to Thatonegirlfromoz  and HicksScribbles, who have been voting maniacs, plus Quiet_Pen, who called out the troops, ellefury Pfunzo18 teklis hushedsweet Fanfunctional AndrewDWallin queen_of_sass Nyhterides bioshock2013 SassyRedWritingHood laaazybones   Jazzy1983 RubaiaKhatun bonnie_a_clyde Morrigana89 RealLDNash and ESHurricane. If I missed anyone, apologies, I really appreciate the support!

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