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After that, another 30 minutes past..

L- I'm sick and tired of waiting!
D- Huh?

L- I just want to get out of this place!
G- Me too.
Z- Yeah!

L- We're all going to go as a group through that hallway.. And run, run to the end.. Now, lets get our stuff.

Everyone gets their things.

L- Who wants to lead..?

A- Me..
L- Okay.. Lead the way..

As they walked into the hallway, Gabbie said to everybody,

G- Guys, if one of us gets hurt, run.. run incase they get you next..
Z- But.. We can't leave anyone behind..
G- I know, but, either die..or torture..
D- Torture..?
G- The torture of watching a person you love d-
L- Don't say it.. Please!
G- O-Okay..

Half way down the hallway, they hear a faint laugh..

A- Did you hear that?!
?- Hello Alex, David, Zane, Gabbie and Liza..

Gabbie stands in front of Liza trying to cover her.

G- What do you want from us?!
?- Oh~ I want you to stay.. Until 3 of you die..😊
Z- Get the fuck away from us!!
?- Give me 3 people to kill.. And I will leave the rest of you alone! Hehe!!😄
A- You are evil..

They group goes back to the "lounge".

Liza bursts into tears.

L- I don't want any of us to die!!!
G- Liza..
D- Babe- Liza! Don't cry.. We'll be okay..😅
Z- Who is going to die..?
A- Zane! Shut up!
Z- Sorry! I just wanted to know..

?- Don't worry, 2 of you from the 3 will die. The other, will be knocked out..
A- Why knocked out?!
?- So it's easier to carry the body instead of dragging them..
D- Jesus..

Z- So one of us is just gonna be knocked out.
D- But the other 2..
A- ...die..

Liza Hugs Gabbie in fear..

D- Listen.. We'll make it fair.
A- How can this be fair?!?!
D- Just listen!!
A- Fine..

D- We'll do a vote..
Z-What?! No!
L- We can't..
D- Then what can we do?!

A- Maybe we could bring that guy here and they can pick..?
Z- Fine.. That sounds better than BETRAYING YOUR FRIENDS!
D- Jeez..

G- Don't be scared Liza..
L- You're my best friend Gobbie!! I don't want to lose you, or any of the guys.. All I want is to be happy! But I can't.. Not ever after this..

Gabbie hugs Liza back..

Gabbie lets Liza cry on her shoulder..

L- Carly.. Kristen.. Scott.. Who's next..?!
G- Liza.. Don't-
L- I can't Gabbie! I can't get over it..

?- I'm here! I heard your conversation! I'll pick the three people, hehe!😊

D- Okay guys.. I love you all.. If 2 of us don't come back.. We love you..

Comment below the 3 people that should go with the mystery man..

To be continued..

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