Chapter 4

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I looked at Jace, who was carrying the girl and I sighed. He was already in a lot of pain. In our last mission, he got injured.

"Pass her over to me." I said to Jace and he agreed and passed the girl to me. If Jace wasn't injured I wouldn't even touch this mundane.

"Maryse is not going to be happy about this." Said Jace and I heard Izzy chuckle. She never really cared what mum said to us. She always did her own thing.

"Yeah, make yourselves ready." I said. Everyone knows when it comes to Isabelle's and my mother they needed to be careful what they said because my mother would just explode out of anger. Everyone feared her.

We got sent on this mission because we needed information from the shadows. They have been trying to track down Jocelyn's daughter and we needed to find her first.

If the shadows find her first, she could die. Her life was in danger. Jocelyn left her child with someone else, in order to protect her from the shadow world and demon world. Her daughter was special. She has pure angelic powers and was known to be the strongest shadow hunter, a legend. People used to speak about her and say that one day a legend like her would come. She could kill any shadow, demon or down worlder, including shadowhunters.

Because of her angelic powers, she was in danger and needed to be protected. I was a little child at that time but hearing the horror stories made me shake. It was a bloodbath. Thousands of shadow hunters died in the battle only to save Jocelyn's daughter, including her own husband Valentine.

The angels said that her daughter was strong just like a normal angel and could kill any shadow. It was known that one shadow tried to kill her and as a baby, she burned it down with her eyes.

Jocelyn feared that her daughter would always be in danger and decided to hide her from everyone. She stayed with Jace in Brooklyn and was now searching for her.

Jace felt always so guilty for not being able to save his own little sister but how could he have done it? I mean he was just a child at that time. He had no clue what was going on. He had lost so much. He had lost his father and right after that his little sister. It broke Jace inside out and now that he knew that his little sister could be in trouble he searched for her day and night.

We finally arrived at the institute and we drew the rune, which made it able for us to go inside. The mundanes would only see a rusty, old and abandoned church.

We walked inside and I could see everyone staring at us and mainly at me. They were clearly shocked.

"What the hell is this, Alexander?" I heard the head of the Institute ask, my mum. I turned around to face her and I saw her pointing at the girl.

"She is poisoned and she needs help." I said and walked over to the emergency room and I saw Jace, Izzy and my mum following me.

If this mundane just could stay away, we wouldn't have been in this trouble right now. This was my chance to show my mother that I was capable of becoming a great leader and she all ruined it for me.

When I got at the emergency room, I let the girl lay down on the bed and told the doctor what happened to her.

"Alec!" I heard my mum yell at me. I rolled my eyes and sighed. I turned myself around to see what she was going to say.

"I sent you on one simple mission and you dare to bring a mundane to the institute?" She asked harshly.

"Mum, she has the sight. She saw me going inside. She saw us killing shadows and it looked like to me that she knew how shadows looked like." I said equally harsh back. My mum was about to explode. She never liked it when I answered her back or was rude to her.

"Alexander, she is a mundane." She said annoyed and I sighed.

"I know that." I said.

"I don't think she is just a mundane." Said Jace and I looked confused at him. What did he mean? He walked towards the girl and drew a healing rune on her neck. Before anyone can stop him, he finished the rune and looked at the girl to see what the rune will do to her.

"She is a shadowhunter." Said Jace and I could see him smile.

"Impossible." I denied. I walked over and looked at the girl's neck. He was right. The rune didn't burn her skin. She didn't die. I looked at her wound and saw that it was all healed up.

"Isabelle, go find information about this girl and bring it immediately to me." Said my mum. Izzy nodded her head and she left the room and so did my mother.

"How did you knew she wouldn't die?" I asked Jace and looked over at the girl. If she had died, Jace wouldn't forgive himself.

"I don't know. I just knew it would work." He said and smiled at the girl. I sighed and sat down on the chair.

It was such a long day today and now we have more trouble because of this girl. She was a shadow hunter but how? My mind was full of questions and I sighed again.

"She is still a fake shadowhunter to me." I said and I heard Jace laugh.

"I am going to check on my mother. Please keep an eye on her." He said and rushed out of the room before I could say anything. He knew I didn't wanted to be here. He was such an asshole.

I sighed and looked at the girl. Who are you and why are you here? I looked at Jace who was running down from the stairs. I will hate him for this. He left me alone with this fake shadow hunter.



I know Valentine was a bad guy in the series but here in my story he is actually good but he died though...

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