Chapter 13

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Roc- Come on baby girl don't do this to me *tears pouring down his face* Wake up please

Moe- *Checks for a pulse* *sighs* There's a pulse. Shes just unconscious *wipes tears*

Prodigy- Thank God. Lets figure out how we can get her some medical help and figure out away out of here.

Aliyah- Where are we anyway?

Prince- I don't know. 

Nychelle- Should we walk til we find help??

Prodigy- No.. it's too dark we might stumble and fly off a cliff or something

Ray- Well we can't stay here

Madison- How about we just set up camp.. I know that theres food, flashlights, and blankets on the bus. We can get everything we need even start a fire to keep the bugs away

Prodigy- Thats a great idea lets do that

Prince- Do you think Keisha and Walter will figure out where we are?

Moe- Let's hope so

*Everyone scurries to find stuff to set up camp. Except Roc. Suddenly there is a scream. Everyone rushes to where the person is screaming*

Moe- He's dead

Prince- who?

Moe- *points to bus driver* The bus driver

Prince- *Hugs her* Lets go

*Roc and Steph

Miland- Are you ok? *puts her hand on his shoulder*

Roc- *doesn't flinch and doesn't even look to see who is touching him. Just sit's there next to Stephanie looking at her* It's my fault

Miland- What's your fault?

Roc- The reason she's lying here unconscious

Miland- How is this your fault?

Roc- If I hadn't slept with Jolesha after our first date, then she wouldn't have been standing up when the bus flipped.. Then she wouldn't be lying here unconscious..*tearing up*

Miland- You love her don't you?

Roc- With everything in me.. When she wakes up I might lose her...

Miland- It's not your fault Roc... and i'm pretty sure that you guys will be ok. She's probably gunna need some time but everything will be fine

Roc- Dear God i hope so...

Prodigy- *Walks up to them with a flashlight* We set up everything.. Lets get her by the fire

Roc- Alright *picks Stephanie Bridal style*

Prodigy- Follow me *They go to where the camp is set up*

*The Camp

Aliyah- Lay her right here on the blankets *Roc lays her Down and sits right next to her*

*They all sit around the fire except Roc and Steph*

Jolesha- Roc you hungry *walks over to Roc with a plate of food*

Roc- *Shakes his head no*

Jolesha- You have to eat

Roc- I'm not hungry

Jolesha- I'll leave it here in case you do get hungry *walks back to the camp Fire*

*By the fire

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