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I saw a figure run past the window with a gun.

My first instinct was to jump on to my fire escape, jumping on to the roof of the next building. He was fast, fast like me, maybe faster. It's been so long since I've done this. I followed him for a while, jumping from building to building with him. I couldn't think of a plan. But I still has my instincts. I threw my shield. 

I never felt fear cut through me so severely. But watching this man catch my shield, and glare at me. His hair was long and very dark, his mouth and nose covered by a mask. He was beyond well built, in fact, he looked like Steve. His one arm was normal, but the other was a pure silver metal, a red star on his bicep. His eyes were jarringly bright. 

I was frozen in place as he threw my shield to the ground like a toy. I left my gun inside. 

He was fast, and very graceful like I was. He had to be a super solider. The only serums were in S.H.I.E.L.D's possession, as the only serum was made from Steve and I's blood. I really hoped he wasn't stronger than me.

I ducked as he swung at me, rolling out of the way to grab my shield. I put it up just as he swung his knife towards me. I drove my shield into his knees. He grunted, more in annoyance than pain it seemed. I had to get off the ground. I swung my legs around, knocking him off balance. I quickly stood up, kicking him in the chest. He shouted in pain when I drove my knee up under his chin. 

I knew it was a lost cause when he grabbed my right leg, it crumpled like a can of soda. I forgot how badly it hurt. It was shocking to feel pain, it had been so long since I fought. He threw me like a rag doll. I hit the side of another building, ducking as he punched the brick wall. I was off guard, and he kicked me in the head. It was like being hit by a freight train. My vision went dark for a minute, but when I focused, he pulled a very sharp knife from his belt. But he hesitated. His eyes seemed to become less angry for a minute, but he finally muttered something in Russian. I knew what he said because of Natasha. He told me to stay down. 

I couldn't stand, my leg was a disaster. I was so far from my apartment. I watched as the dark figure walked off the side of the building like it was nothing. 

I had never felt pain like this. My leg was a part of me, and looking at how crushed it was, and feeling that pain was worse than anything I felt in the war. I was breathing heavily, trying not to cry. God dammit, why did I leave my apartment? Where was Steve?

I pulled my phone out, desperately trying to call Steve. I called 5 times, and he didn't answer. I finally dialed Nat, nothing. Tony was my only option.

" Hello?" He sounded like I woke him up.

" Tony?" I gasped, " Tony, I-I-"

" Marilyn? What's wrong? What happened?"

" There was a man." I cried as I tried to move, my leg felt like it was being ground in a machine, " M-My leg. He's like Steve and I. Jesus, I can't move. He crushed my leg."

" I will be there in 5 minutes. Hold tight."


Tony came in one of his suits and airlifted me to the hospital. He carried me out of suit when we got there, " Call my people," He said, " We need the surgeons that did her leg before. God dammit, where's her brother?"

" Tony? Oh my god, Marilyn your leg!"

Natasha rushed forward, looking more upset than I've ever seen, " It's Fury, he's in surgery. Steve is here. He's in the OR. What happened?"

" A man." I said, " He had a metal arm, he killed Fury."

Natasha's face was one of terror I had never seen from her. " I... I need to go back to the OR."

Tony carried me to the OR. I was grateful he was here. " I'm sorry I woke you up."

He sighed, " Look at yourself, no one was answering. I wish you called me first. Bruce and I have been making models of your leg for months, making it better. Happy is bringing it now from New York."

" God, 4 hours." I mumbled.

" Not in a helicopter. Don't worry. I'm just happy I was still here in my hotel when this happened."

" Marilyn!? Marilyn!"

My brother came into the hospital room, pulling my into an embrace. His whole body was shaking, " When Nat told me you were here. God I expected that you..."

" I saw him." I whispered.

Steve's eyes told me to be quiet, but nodded. He turned to Tony, " Thank you so much." 

Tony nodded, " This isn't the time for a snarky comment so I won't make one. You know I'm there when either of you need me. Happy with here here in under an hour with her new leg, the surgeons hopefully sooner. We'll have her fixed by morning.

Alarms began to blare, " Code Blue! Blue in the OR."

" Fury." I whispered. 

Steve ran from the room. I grabbed Tony's wrist, anxiously waiting. It felt like hours, but it was only ten minutes. I heard crying, " Oh god, Nick!"

That was Maria Hill. " Don't." I whispered softly. 

Steve walked back in, pale. He looked at me, shaking his head.

Nick Fury was dead.

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