chapter 3

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I'm dedeicating this chapter to the amazing PurpleYellow for making the lovely cover.Thanks!


Now you're probably wondering why did I leave the crew if I loved them so much?Or if you're the more heartless type,why am I going back so easily?

Well to answer the second question,I love these people.After my mom abandon me I thought family was a thing of myth.Or it was a really messed up concept.But Patrick became my father-ish figure and Mia my mother-person.Frankie was the little brother who I always needed.That family only grew as Patrick completed his crew.

And back to you're first question.Yes,I do love these people.Yes,I would do any thing for them.And yes,I did love the whole breaking and entering gig.But...

But to fully explain all the facts we need to go through more back story.A month after I meet Patrick he went on a week long trip.He came back with two people.

One was a guy around sixteen.He had a dusty blond buzz cut.And the guy had serious muscle!Like not in the obnoxious wrestler way,but in the subtle don't-mess-with-me way.He had blue-grey eyes and a crooked nose that said it had been broken too many times to fix.

The other person he brought was also a boy.He looked about fourteen or so and had the same body type of the other guy but smaller.This boy had dark chocolate brown hair and the eyes to match.His nose was strait but he did have a scar running from the edge of his eye up to his eyebrow.

I later found out that the older one was Aiden and the younger one was Noah.Apparently they were cousins but when Noah's parents died he lived with Aiden and they became some sorta super fighters.And of course both had to have movie star good looks to keep in line with the cliché that is my life so far.

Two months later and one more week long trip and a new person was added to our make-shift family.This time a girl named Isabella.She was thin and pale.Like I've-never-seen-the-sun pale.She had dull brown hair the texture of straw and in a rats nest around her head where it came out of her braid.She was a hacker.A damn good one,too!But she was behind the computer a lot so she didn't get out to much hence the pale skin and she was REALLY forgetful.So she would forget to eat-and tada,the thinness!She was fifteen,even if she looked about twelve.

And then Mia went on a little adventure of her own and brought back a boy and a girl.Boy's name Fain,girl's name Fae.The eerie thing was that although they weren't related-they didn't even look alike but they were so in sync.They would finish each others sentences and meet each other without calling or asking where.They told me that when they were very young Fae's mother dropped her off at Fain's family's front door and ran.Fae stayed out all night and when she was finally found she had a serious case of hypothermia.By the time she was healthy again Fae and Fain were inseparable.They were Mia's profilers in training.Mostly because they could spot a lie a mile away and have whole conversations with their eyes.

Isabella took to Mason quickly because although he was crazy,he knew his way around a computer.He started to teach her about all the ways to run a job.

Patrick flew in a expert fighter for Aiden and Noah named Hansel.Or at lest that was his code name.I've never meet him because he was super paranoid and would zoom off as soon as their play time was done.

And my teacher was,drum roll,Patrick!Surprised?Now Patrick didn't just teach me how to walk quietly.He put me through gymnastics until I was Olympic worthy,chemical response classes-to learn what does and does not set off lasers/motion sensors/etc.,dance classes-for grace as he would say,advanced technical engineering,Four hours of gym time a day,acting classes-to lie better,security system courses,self defense classes,and advanced high school and college online schooling.If I got anything below a B+ in any of those I would be put in lock down.

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