Chapter 15; Open Up To Me Liv

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She listened to it and silently began sobbing. He wrote and recorded this song in February before he and Diana got together so she knew it had to be about her. She couldn't help but think about him too. She wanted to reach out but she deleted his number once she got home that night. She felt horrible. Eventually after she wiped the tears away she made her way back upstairs and went to bed. She didn't know if she'd be sleeping but she didn't want to be anywhere but her bed right now . . .

       The next day when Olivia awoke she refused to move. The sun was in her eyes so she pulled the cover over her head and wrapped herself up. Her phone had gone off like crazy. She didn't even get a chance to look at the time but she knew it wasn't that early. Within a few minutes she dug herself out of her covers and reached for her phone. "12 o'clock? That's the latest I've ever slept." She mumbled to herself. She stayed up until about 5 AM before she finally was able to fall asleep. She couldn't help but think of Michael. She opened her notifications hoping one was from him.

8 new messages
Triniti (3)
Jared (2)

She had high hopes so when she had seen no messages that could have possibly been from Michael she grew more upset. She opened the message from Triniti first.

(9:07 AM) Triniti; Goodmorning bestie! Wanna hang today?

(10:01 AM) Triniti; Wakey wakeyyyy

(11:47 AM) Triniti; Okay, you're usually up by now, everything okay?

Olivia; I'm sorry girl, I didn't fall asleep until 5 in the morning. We can hang today. I need my best friend anyway. I feel so stressed.

After she answered Triniti she opened the messages from Bryson.

(9:23 AM) Bryson♡; Good morning beautiful girl ♡♡

(10:46) Bryson♡; Livvyyyy wake up, hon

(11:49) Bryson♡; Alright,text me when you're up, darlin'

Olivia; Goodmorning Bryson ♡

She went on to then check what Jared sent her.

(11:52) Jared; yo

(11:53) Jared; Text my homie back, he's worried about you.

She chose not to reply to Jared since she already texted Bryson. After she answered all of her messages she got dressed to go out with Triniti. As soon as she finished, her phone chimed again. She looked at it and saw a message from Triniti.

Triniti; I'm so sorry to do this Liv, some family just came into town for the weekend so I'm not going to be able to come out.

Olivia just looked at her phone and sighed. She didn't care as much she would've if she hadn't been so stressed out. She missed Michael. All she could think about was him. Even when she tried not to. Her ringing phone broke the constant silence in the air. It was Bryson.

"Hey love, everything okay?" He asked.

"I'm alright. I can't talk on the phone right now. I'll text you, okay?" She replied.

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