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The clock ticked with every passing second. The hands moved, all at different speeds. "Time of death, 14:08."

I looked at the body and pushed hair behind my ear. I stood with my hands clasped together in front of me, keeping my lips shut out of respect for everyone.

Matthew came over and put a hand on my shoulder, looking in my eyes. "It couldn't have been prevented. He was too far gone. I'm sorry."

I nodded a bit, not wanting to start any arguments. Was it my fault? He had cancer, stage four from health problems to be exact. This man had many issues that included multiple different sources. I could change people but I could not heal cancer.

We left the room and I walked into the big, golden doors. I waited patiently for my next task. I was sure it wouldn't include any humans.

"You are going to go back down to earth and get your next human. This human is a tough one. His name is Ayden Dyer," He said.

"Father, I don't understand."

"What is it that you don't understand, Miss Wilson?"

He would tell me the same thing Matthew did. It wasn't my fault. He was too far gone. "Nothing. I'll focus my next goal on Ayden Dyer."

"Thank you." He smiled and I left the big room where echoes filled the walls.

Ayden Dyer. I could only hope he was not in stage four cancer just like Justin Smith was.


The man I had been assigned to lit his cigarette and inhaled as the embers of the fire burned up some of the stick. He exhaled it into the form of smoke, knowing that some of that smoke had stayed in his lungs instead, building up as black tar.

He repeated this process until it was just a butt of a cigarette. He dropped it onto the road and smushed it with the bottom of his shoe, leaving the faintest imprint on the cigarette. Littering the sidewalk with his butt of a cigarette, I made a face upon the scene. We had enough trash in this world on the streets.

Walking without a care in the world but with arrogance, the man came upon a bar and ordered the bartender to get a regular beer. A blonde woman sat at his side, only now giving him the attention he ever so craved.

This man was definitely no eyesore. His eyebrows were a masterpiece upon his brow bones. Even I couldn't deny such beauty. He didn't smile often, but moreso smirked than anything. His eyes were the most mesmerizing part about him. They were deep green and held all his secrets, and the emotion he never showed.

He was no stranger to the women that wanted him, but he never chased them. His arrogance was what drove him to let other women want him first.

The woman batted her eyes and put her hand on his arm. The male and female found their way to a room to do things nobody should know about. I knew right away what kind of man he would be and this was already looking to be a tough client.

When they had finished their minutes of self-gratification, he returned to the main room of the bar. He paid for his beer and made his way outside to his car.

He got into his red Mustang and started it up. He pulled out onto the main road and drove through downtown. I sat in the back, using my ability to hide myself. Nobody could see me and I had to keep it that way until I was ready.

He didn't see the huge black Dodge that drove through the green light as this man ran his red light. This driver, Ayden Dyer, was never very aware of other cars. He assumed everyone else was a great driver.

This truck smashed right into the passenger's side of the red vehicle, totaling the car into half a car. This red car flipped once and landed back on its tires, while horns went off in every direction. I was completely unharmed, not a single scratch on my soul.

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