We said our goodbye's to the fans and then got back onto the Tour Bus to go back to LA for the rest of our rehearsal's before Tour. I took my bed across from Roc. He and I did our hand shake and began doing our own things. I turned on my ipod and began to listen to 'Blue Slide Park' by Mac Miller and he turned on his ipod and listened to Kendrick Lamar. I changed to my favorite song on the album and then logged on to twitter and declared the next hour a follow spree.


When we arrived at the house in LA it was late in the afternoon, around dinner time. Diggy decided to pospone his departing to tomorrow and of course I was over joyed. I started to get out of the Tour Bus when I spotted a white Acura sitting in the drive way. The same car as my dad's. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the license plate praying that it wasn't his.

"Imani what're you doing!?" Roc yelled angrily.

He was so sleepy, but he refused to go to sleep. He was behaving as if he were a little kid that doesn't want to sleep on a family trip.

I took a step out of the car and saw my dad's curly waves and light skin leaning against the car smoking a cigar. I took a deep breath and then hopped off the Tour Bus allowing everyone else to leave as well. I started to smile at him, but then I saw my step mom climb out of the car with her long locks dangling past her shoulders and her usual annoying smile on her face. My little brother ran towards me opening his arms for a hug.

"Hey boo!!!" I yelled picking him up.

I gave him tons of kisses all over as he giggled loudly.

"How are you?" I asked holding him against my hip.

He mumbled some things in baby talk and I nodded my head as if I understood. He kissed my cheek and then climbed out of my arms and ran for his mother. I smiled as I watched his little fat feet chase after her and tumble into the grass. I looked over at my dad to see that his eyes had caught mine. I swallowed and glanced behind me to see if the guys and Jazzy were behind me. They were. I watched as my dad put out his cigar and place it under the wind shield wipers.

"Hey daddy" I said putting on a smile.

"Hey Ma Ma" he replied.

He was trying to make this not very tense by using the nickname that I've had since I was a baby and it wasn't working. I was nervous.

My dad was a very tough man. He was very hard to please and just getting a laugh or a smile out of him would be an accomplishment if you could. He was hard working and was always a good father, always there, and always supportive. But ever since I turned thirteen and grew boobs, that supportive part changed. My grades were never good enough for him and what I preferred to do during my spare time annoyed him. I always felt that he should at least be happy that I don't show up with C's on my report card and I'm not partying like a maniac during my spare time. But when I turned fourteen I decided that my grades are mine and not his. If i'm happy with what I see, then I don't care what he has to say. Then there's the fact that I grew boobs and hips and thighs. It really scared him and it was always on his face when boys looked at me. It made clothes shopping with him harder because he always wanted me to look like a nun and that was not going to happen, so we'd both end up leaving the mall with sneakers and a silent drive home.

He reached out for a hug and I took it. I was some what happy to see my dad. I missed him, but then again he doesn't just show up without a reason.

"What're you doing here?" I asked leaning next to him.

"I just wanted to come see you; see your living conditions" he answered.

I tried my best to look into his eyes, but they were covered my his favorite black sunglasses. Diggy owned the same pair.

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