Chapter Four

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When lunch finally rolled around, Isobel and I walked together since we both had geography right before. The conversation had begun to flow more naturally between us and it was no longer as awkward as it was the first time we met. I still randomly got nervous or hyperaware of her presence next to me every once in a while but I was still trying to figure that out.

At the moment, she was telling me about the time she got stuck baby sitting her triplet brothers and they managed to rip down the curtains, smash one of their mom's favorite vases, and find the hidden tub of peanut butter and completely slather themselves in it within the span of five minutes while she was in the bathroom. 

By the time she finished, I was laughing so hard I struggled to catch my breath.

"I literally went to pee for like 2 seconds and found the little shits covered in brown goop laughing like crazy. Then Caleb started crying because he got some in his eye. Do you even know how hard it is to wash off peanut butter? Let alone a shit ton of it? Safe to say my mom and Andrew never made me babysit them ever again." She rolled her eyes, "Honestly that day was just a complete nightmare."

"Your life must never get boring." I commented, wiping away a tear that had slipped from laughing so hard. "I mean they're always there to keep you entertained."

She shrugged, thinking about it. "True, but I can never have any peace or quiet, its always so hectic and noisy. They're up to new mischief every single day and it gets exhausting. You're lucky you don't have any siblings."

We rounded a corner, the crowd thickening as we approached the lunch room. "To be honest I've always wanted one, it gets lonely sometimes."

She considered what I said. "Yeah I know what you mean. I always wished I had a sibling when I was little. Till the day I got three."

I laughed, pushing the lunch room door open. I immediately spotted my table and we began walking towards it. Madison, Gray and Charlie were already sitting.

"Hey," I huffed, pulling out a chair and flopping into it. I gestured for Isobel to sit and she pulled out a chair, smiling hesitantly. She must be nervous, I realized, having lunch with a bunch of strangers.

"Guys, this is Isobel. She's new and she moved in next door to me a few days ago, as... I've already told you in first period." I cleared my throat. Geez, how can one be this bad at this. "Um Isobel, these are my best friends Madison, Charlie," I pointing to them respectively, "and Gr- oh never mind you've met Grayson."

"We've met too, we had bio together earlier." Chirped Madison, smiling brightly. She uncrossed her arms and gestured widely, "Welcome to the elite circle of Hamilton high."

"Uh, thanks. It's really nice nice to meet you guys." She said. We all began taking out our lunch from our bags and it was quite for a couple beats.

"So are you liking it here so far?" Questioned Charlie, his mouth full with the first bite of his sandwich. I made a disgusted face.

"Gross, Charlie. You could at least swallow first." Grayson snickered while Madison made gagging noises.

He shrugged sheepishly, taking another big bite. "You're right, I could." He said simply, making me roll my eyes.

Isobel laughed. "It's been a little hard getting used to it here. Things are much more laid back than back home in New York, and I'm actually coming to like the greenery and the small size of this town. I still miss home though, but it's not as bad as I thought. And having friends so soon certainly makes it easier."

I began to zone out as I watched her speak, mesmerized by the way her lips moved. She had a defined cupids bow, and they looked so freaking soft. How does one get their lips to look that soft? I also noticed that her nose wrinkled a little when she said certain words and her-

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