Chapter 6: It's A Deal

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" I do not know what are you expecting from me-"

"Apart from crap? No, I am not expecting anything from you" I interrupt him.

He ignores me and continues," We are going to live under the same roof, but there will nothing between us. I will live the way I want and you will not interfere in my life. And in this folder rules are mentioned which you have to follow. It is like a deal, you stay out of my life I stay out of yours." 

"Okay! But you have not are you planning to make my life miserable?"

He thinks I am a fool, that I will not understand his sudden plan of living together. I know he can not digest that fact I want him out of my life because his ego will be hurt if somebody finds out that I want to leave him not the other way around. Too bad dear husband I know you so well.

" I must say, I am quite impressed." he smirks and raises an eyebrow "However, I will not make your life miserable. I will, surely, make your life hell."

I laugh "Ok..Good luck with that." And then I return back to the living room where my mom is waiting for me, not waiting for his reply.


"Abigail-" Dad says. I know what they both want to ask, however, my mind is so puzzled that I can't think straight. 

"Mom and dad, I'll need some time to think about it. Ok? I promise I'll not make any decision in haste but, I need to think about it." I tell them honestly, as I step out of the car. 

"Bye folks... love you both." I wave at them and turn to head inside my apartment building. 

I unlock my front door and go straight into my bedroom, to call the only person who can give me the best advice in this situation.

I dial and wait for the call to be picked, in the meantime I opened the folder and read the rules of Satan, after three rings my call is answered.


"Hannah... Can we talk?" I ask my sister. There is a special bond between us, we can read each other like an open book. I assume, by the tone of my voice, she understood this is something which is really bothering me. And her next question confirms my assumption.

"Are you alright? What's bothering you?"

I get straight to the point," Nathan wants me to live with him."

She pauses for a second then asks, "Has he put some conditions?"

"Yup and some of them are utterly stupid" I roll my eyes, " Hannah, last time when we met for dinner I clearly told him I do not be part of this so-called marriage and it is better that we should part our ways. Now, I think he can not digest the fact thatwant to leave him, that's why he is trying to get back at me with all this nonsense."

"You said he had put some conditions? What are they?"

"We'll live together in his house, but will not interfere into each other's life. Moreover, we will be like housemates and will not share any relationship." I run my hand through my hair " He hates me. I know for sure there is something evil going on in his mind, he told me he'll make my life hell."

"All this does not make sense, but no offense, your marriage also does not make any sense." She states.

"Thanks for stating the obvious." I laugh.

"Now, you are torn between what do mom and dad want you to give it a shot."

" Yeah...I am aware this "perform his duties as a husband and be a good husband to me, as now he is settled." is all a big drama."

"Abigail, listen to me... We, especially Mom and dad, are very protective of you because whatever happened in the past...They just want the best for you and they think he is the best for you. But, do remember that we all love and will support you in whatever decision you take. I can only say that you believe he hates you maybe because he does not know you...if you will live together then, his perception might change and you will also get a chance to know him better. This will  also help you to make your decision wisely."

She does have a point, there is no harm in living together. This will help me to decide without any doubts.

"Hannah... thank you for always being there for me... I don't know what I'd do without you. After talking to you I know, exactly, what I have to do." 

"Babygirl, You do not have to thank me...I'll be always by your side, it is my duty as a big sister." I smile at my childhood nickname, which she still uses to call me.

"Bye Hannah...Love you."

"Bye Babygirl and.... go kick Nathan Knight's ass.

There is a smug smile on my face as I dial Nathan's number. He picks up at a second ring. Desperate much?

"Nathan, It's a deal."


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