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The author wanted to say;

Hello there, This Book is the continuation of Hunch

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Hello there,
This Book is the continuation of Hunch.
So if you never read that? You really won't understand this story.

I'm also planning to publish the chapters on Saturday [ September 1 ] because I haven't started to write them so it will take me time.

For now? It will be just the 'Prologue'.

- This Book is a Rated G -
A friendly book that will put a smile on your face most of the time.
But not all cause I want complicated stuffs. Lol.

And if you're wondering about the pairings? I put it all on #Tags

This Book is also written in 'Epistolary' just like the first one.


Drama | Mild Mystery | Theories | Text | Romance | Humor | Life Lessons | Slice of Life | Friendship | Fluff

Chapters Contents:
Text Messages
Lisa's POV
Third Person's POV


• Hunch started on July 16, 2018
Ended on August 28, 2018
• Theory will start on September 1, 2018
Ended on February 26, 2019

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