Chapter 21: The Chase

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Soon as Sherlock says the words, Claire looked upon him, the look of shock and horror evident on her face. Then it was as if time went by like a snail.

Sherlock opened the door only to be surprised by gunshots going off about in different directions right to them. He then went behind the door to dodge the bullets.

Claire knelt down covering her ears as gunshots went on. Sherlock was panting in surprise and Claire was clearly horrified.

Soon as the gunshots had stopped time seemed to go the way its supposed to. Claire took her hands of off her ears before jumping back up and looking inside the room only to find that the man must have hidden. Sherlock went out from behind the door to follow Claire. They both drew their guns out as they prepared for what's to come.

'Sir, we want no harm in any circumstance. We just want a peaceful talk with you sir.' Claire spoke as the ventured into the room guns on their hands as they looked around, alert.

The flat was messed up as if someone has been rummaging through the whole flat relentlessly. One of the chairs were flipped upside down, and a cabinet door was on the floor, broken.

Claire and Sherlock shared a look of interest and alertness. Claire held her gun higher as she looks behind her finding no one there. 'Left?' Claire suggests as she slowly looked around the place. 'No. He can't just, leave.' Sherlock responded as he slowly lowered his gun before looking around the place looking for the man.

The two took their time looking around the place with one moment finding an evidence, and the second being utterly confused about it. Sherlock was on his own mind palace deducing from everything his eyes laid upon.

Claire had her gun ready for defence as she walked around looking for any signs of the man. 'Come on, come out!' Claire whispered almost shouting as she gritted her teeth.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a silhouette of a man standing behind Sherlock.  She quickly then turned around only to see a man choking Sherlock with a black cloth.  'Hey!' Claire said as she went on to the man before hitting him with her gun. The man stumbled backwards as Sherlock struggles to stand up while Claire pointed the gun at the man.

The man chuckles as he rubbed his temple out of pain. 'You're really wasting your time here.' The man says as he stood his ground, not even looking scared for one second. The man was tall somewhere between 5"7 and 6". He had jet black hair swept back. His eyes grey like gravel. He wore a jacket and a pair of dark blue denim pants together with a pair of trainers.

'Why?' Claire asked daringly. 'Because you'll find nothing here.' The man replied.
'You shot at us.' Sherlock said struggling quite a bit with speaking. 'You have guns.' The man pointed out. 'Indeed, and so do you.' Claire said still gritting her teeth. 'No I don't.' The man said confusing both Claire and Sherlock.

Claire frowned and Sherlock did too as the man smiled. 'But he does.' He said pointing at the window behind Claire and Sherlock.

They looked at each other before deciding to turn around as their eyes met a man through the flat's shattered window, holding a sniper on the other building across the street. 'Well, shit.' Claire said and before she knew it, she was grabbed by the neck and yanked back before being pushed down to the floor, her gun sliding under the sofa beside her. She groaned out in pain as she coughed out due to being almost choked.

Sherlock came to the rescue punching the man at the chin sending the man stumbling backwards. Sherlock came at the man again for another punch but was quickly blocked by the man before he kicked on Sherlock's knee.

Sherlock now on the floor groaned as the man started to kneel beside him, but was stopped by Claire kicking the man on his face, sending him back as blood dripped down his chin. The man looked at Claire viciously before launching at her and giving her a hard blow on the face and immediately, Claire's sight went fuzzy as another punch came upon her lip, busting it. Her ears began ringing while Sherlock jumps up to action and lifted the man up by his collar only to receive a headbutt from him.  Sherlock let's go of the man before of the man as he stumbles back, a wound opening up on his eyebrow. The man launched at Sherlock, punching him as Sherlock fought back.

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