24. Why did you do that?

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I am sooo sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I feel almost stuck with this story and I feel like I'm nearing the end, but there is still SO MANY scenes I want to write and things I want to happen like the ultimate stand off between Superman and Batman... *hint hint*

Hope you are still with me and ready for some more drama and plot twists before our lovely starcrossed couple gets together... Or do they??? I'm not quite sure yet.


"What are you doing?" I asked as Superman grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the court room. "You can't do this, please."

"Guards arrest Superman." The judge said.

"What why?" I asked, with a panicked look on my face.

"He has captured and in the process hurt thousands of people." The judge boomed.

"Criminals! And he handed them over to the police." I said angrily, but suddenly we were in the air. "That was a stupid thing to do." I said, ranting about the court room incident through the whole flight.

When we landed on my balcony I threw the doors open and angrily walked in. "What the hell was that?!" I asked with a nasty glare towards Superman.

"A choice I made. To keep you safe." Superman said calmly.

"To keep me safe? How does this keep me safe?" I asked, thrown off for a moment.

"I do not have to explain this to you." Superman said.

"Yes, you do." I said: "This affects me too. I can't be constantly worried about your safety!" I said with an almost broken voice as the truth of what just happened sank in.

In a matter of seconds Superman was standing right in front of me just inches away: "So you do care."

Looking up at him -which was on the verge of being painful to my neck- I just blinked and nodded: "Of course I do. I always have."

He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine so softly, tasting like blueberries after rain, the taste dulled by the fact that the kiss was sweet and sudden, like a peck on the lips with so much meaning. My hands were pressed against his chest but I wasn't shoving him away.

I didn't want it to end, but that just made me feel more horrible with myself. 'I love Clark.' I had to remind myself as I pulled away.

I looked down at my feet, letting my hands slip from his chest and down to my sides, but not before I saw the conflict of sadness and anger on his face.

He pulled a hair off my face, placing it behind my ear so delicately. When his fingers grazed my cheek I felt a shiver go down my side: "Look at me, please." Superman said.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I tried to keep tears at bay.

I once again lifted my gaze to him just as before, but now instead of anger I felt vanquished.

"Do you love me?" He asked and I felt like he was looking straight through me and into my soul.

With a tired sob I said: "Yes, and I hate myself for that, because I love someone else too."

"I... I understand. I hope you get what you want." Superman said with a bow of his head.

"I am so so sorry." I said. I knew that between the two of them I would always choose Clark. I loved him the most. Every time he smiled my heart soared. Every time he laughed, I felt warm and happy. Every time he adjusted his glasses I fell more in love with him and every time he tripped as he walked I adored him.

I didn't need him to be perfect, I didn't want him to change at all. I loved him just as he was. Just as Clark Kent.

He didn't need superpowers for me to love him.

"Don't ever think that you aren't welcome here, because you are. Always. I owe you so much." I said taking Superman's hand.

"Go pack. I will take you to Kent's appartment." Superman said, avoiding eye contact... He was silently crying.

It wouldn't be smart to stay at my apartment. Not with the press watching my every move just outside.

"I... Alright." I walked to my bedroom stuffing everything I need into a bag. I didn't know what to say to superman. I was afraid of only making things worse.


Timeskip to the next morning


Clark and I didn't talk about the trial, but I knew he had seen everything on TV. I felt better, getting it out of my head but still hanging out with Clark suddenly didn't feel as nice as it usually did. He seemed distant... Quiet and sad almost.

"Good morning." Clark sadly said, when I walked into the kitchen, rubbing my eyes.

"Morning." I smiled. "Clark I..." I started, not knowing what to say. "I can find a new place to stay today."

"What?" Clark asked, almost spitting out the coffee he was drinking.

"Umm, I found this great hotel and it's not too pricey. And close to work so, I'm thinking of booking a room." I explained.


"No?" I repeated, surprised by his reaction.

"No. You won't go. I won't allow it." Clark said as if this wasn't a big deal.

"And how are you going to stop me?" I asked.

"I will smile at you." Which he instantly did. "And ask you to stay... With me." He stuttered, loosing his confidence, blushing and looking down at his feet.

"Well I want to help with the rent." I said. "I can't go to my flat because of the reporters so if I'm going to stay here, I should chip in." I said, after thinking for moment.

"You could sell your apartment..." Clark suggested. "And we could get a better flat together, closer to work."

"Like... Live together? For real." I asked.

"I- I knew it was a stupid idea. I'm- I'm sorry. Please don't go." He said as if he had done something bad.

"Of course I won't go. I think it's a great idea. We would save money and get a bigger, nicer place." I smiled.


"Yeah. Let's do it." I nodded.

Two days went by and we were able to sell both the apartments for cheap and get a better one way closer to work. Just a few blocks away.

There were still moving boxes around but most of our stuff was moved in in two days.

The sadness Clark had had, seemed to be gone and we were having fun again. Painting our bedrooms and each other while playfully running around the flat, throwing paint everywhere and working for hours to get it off furniture and the roof. But that didn't matter. I had the normal happy Clark back...


So I have the rest of the story figured out and since each chapter is about 1000 words I don't know how much longer this story will continue.

Maybe 4-10 chapters depending on how long the LAST FIVE SCENES will be.

Love you all thanks for reading and staying with this story for so long. I won't get this finished without you and trust me the ending will be worth reading. You all gonna be sooo surprised at the shit I've come up with.

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