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Hello, beauties! <3

This story is not a fanfiction but an original RH. It's coming very, very soon!


Alexa is the proud new owner of Heavenly Bakery. The name is very fitting, considering that it was a church a couple of decades ago. This same old church has a secret and the beautiful baker is about to find out the truth. Her two new, deliciously handsome neighbors are there to help, whether she's ready or not...

It's the first time the two brothers live in the human world and while they need to adapt and try to work together, both of them are agreeing on one thing. Ren and Zeke's new assignment is the most delightful creature they have ever seen.

How about Alexa's best friend, Hunter? Is he really what she thinks he is? Does he even know the answer to that question?


Some changes have been made to the description. Apparently, a new man decided to join the story and I didn't fight him very hard. :P

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