Chapter Thirty Eight - Defendant

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Ice. Then fire

That was what she felt. A never ending cycle of these temperatures whirled within her. It moved through her veins, her body fighting to control whatever had now become apart of her.

Something strange had happened. 

She knew she was in some type of healer center, but it was different from the one she was in when she first arrived aboard the ship. This time the room was oval, large. It only roomed her. She had been awake for some time but couldn't move. Metal cuffs pin her arms down and her bed was in a slightly upright position that allowed her to scan the room. 

The last thing she remembered was someone catching her as the world went dark. But no one was here now, it was just her.

Suddenly, as if it never went away the heat engulfed each cell of her body. She felt like she was walking through fire, only she wasn't burning. Sweat touched each inch of her skin, the temperature in the room feeling well over 150 degrees. 

It didn't take long for the cold to set in, chilling her skin to the point of the hair on her arms sticking up. The sweat now felt like heavy icicles hanging off her body. 

Ice and fire attacked one another trying to take over the other. 

The unknown of what she was becoming began to frighten her. It truly, scared her. Her body even began to slightly shake. 

"I know what you're going through," a women's voice echoed from behind her, and Ava almost jumped at the unexpected voice. She didn't even feel this women's energy. How long had she been in the room? Had this battle of cold and heat taken her ability away?


A woman with navy hued hair appeared before her. She was lean and tall, maybe in her late fifties. A smirk bore upon her lips, and her eyes stained the clearest purple, almost lavender. 

"My mother. She had similar abilities as you do."

"Who are you?" Ava clenched her fists, and she continued to shake, the pain not surrendering.  The women rose her eyebrows to Ava's fists. 

"My name is Keres, the Central Healer of the Volant. Here," Keres pulled a white oval device from a table tray. "This will help." Ava resisted, but Keres pushed a button at the end of the device and a needle pricked Ava's skin, foreign medicine running through her veins.

The pain drained from her like the returning waves to the sea. She let out a breath of relief, the pain barely present anymore. Readjusting her posture, she tried to sit up more.

"Why am I here?" Ava caught her breath.

"You know why you're here Ava. Jav came to me after your little incident. He only trusted me to take care of you in your current state."

Her name stood out in all of what Keres had just said. Jav didn't call her Ava. He hadn't told Keres about her real name. 

"I don't trust Jav," she splurged out, starring down Keres. 

"Let's not lie," Keres huffed, "I don't like liars," Keres's eyes stung into Ava like they were spheres ready to strike.  

Ava wanted to escape, to leave.

"There will be no escaping."

"Excuse me?" Ava's heart skipped a beat. Did Keres just respond to her thoughts? 

"I can hear them, your thoughts, so I would be very careful at what that brain of yours is thinking."

This took Ava aback. Keres could hear her thoughts? How was that even possible? Keres taped her finger in the air and a screen of Ava's skeletal body hovered above her. 

"This is now how your body is functioning. The cyan hue indicates your Ocelia ability, the red your Mazrhr ability."

"Mazrhr? I don't-"

"When you were electrocuted, your cells reacted positively to it. Somehow your veins, muscles, and blood griped onto this heat, wanting it to stay within you. Your body has created the Mazrhr ability on it's own. People have held the Mazrhr ability but for you to possess this along with your Ocelia ability; it's only ever happened once."

"Your mother." 

"Yes," Keres shut the hologram off.

"I still don't understand. My body, it's still fighting itself to balance these abilities I have."

"Your body isn't used to this new power."

"So I just have to deal with the pain?"


Ava shifted uncomfortably in her seat, chills running through her. The chills weren't her Ocelia ability, but pure fright for the pain she will be going through. 

"How did your mother control it?"

"She was a women of many wise lessons. But, she hid her pain like a master of pokery. The answer is I never knew. But I plan on learning through you."

"So will I be known as your own experiment of greed?"

"I'm not just experimenting on you for myself, but for you. I want to help you," Keres caressed Ava's cheek, and Ava jolted her head away.

"Don't you touch me again."

"I will do whatever I please to get what I need from you."

Squeezing her fingers into fists, some type of electric fire existed Ava's body melting the cuffs that held her captive. Keres had a needle the size of a small gun ready to inject in Ava, her arm already swinging towards Ava's chest. Trying to block herself, Ava held out her hands, only to cause a force that casted Keres in the air. Keres's body slammed into the wall. 

It took Ava a few seconds to register what she just did. It doesn't matter right now, she thought. She needed to find a way out. 

Running to the other side of the room, Ava tried tracing her fingers along the wall hoping to find a hidden button. How the hell will she get out? 

"You can't escape,"Keres's voice echoed once more. Ava turned. "You still don't know how to use your abilities to the capabilities you would need to escape," Keres slightly limped, spotting ten feet from Ava.

Light pooled in as the wall behind Ava opened. Two officers grab ahold of her arms and pull her from the room before she could run. But, a part of her didn't want to run. Something within her told her to stay.

Ava knew now she held all the power. She was more powerful then these officers, even Keres. 

"Careful Avianna, overweening one's abilities will lead to an exploitative path." 

Ava was left with Keres's last words stirring her thoughts. Ava was pulled down a hall towards a place to face the people who thought they knew her. She's starting to wonder if she even knew who that girl was anymore. 

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