Zane and Gabbie.😊

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Gabbie and Liza go into the hallway..

Gabbie holds Liza's hand because she knows Liza is scared..

G- Liza.. You'll be fine..
L- O-Okay Gabbie.. I just don't want any of us to die..!
G- I'm here..

Meanwhile with the guys..

D- Why are we even doing this?!
A- David, calm down..
S- Lets just hope that they both come back..
Z- Yeah.. I hope they do come back..

Everyone noticed David wasn't acting like himself..

Z- David..?
Z- What happend to you..?
D- Nothing happened!!!
Z- Something happened.. And I know it..

?- Hahaha!! Brainwashing him was such a good idea!
??- Hahah!! I know right?
T- H-Hahaha...😅😔
???- Now.. He can kill-

With Gabbie and Liza..

L- I don't wanna die! And I don't want you to die!
G- Liza, no one is going to die...
L- Someone is.. I know..😔


G- Liza!
L- Are you okay?!
G- Did you hear that?!

With the guys..


They see Scott fall on his knees and collapse.

Alex runs to Scott..

A- SCOTT! NO! This can't be happening!!!
D- He's dead..!
Z- Scott.. No..😰

Liza and Gabbie run back to the group..

G- What happend?!


David was angry..

L- David! What is wrong with you?!
A- Why do you have Gabbie so much?!?
Z- What happened?!?!

David pushes Liza to get to Gabbie..

G- David.. Stop! Please..

He pins Gabbie to the wall and holds her by her neck..

Liza cries and runs to David..

L- D-DAVID! Stop!!😰

Liza tries to pull David, Alex and Zane run towards him..

G- D-David.. S...stop..

They see Gabbie's eyes start to close, she collapses and faints..


Liza pushes David to the ground..

She screams and cries,

L- I can't believe you!! What had gotten into you?!?

Liza slaps him..

David feels dizzy and collapsed..

A- She just fainted.. She's not dead..
Z- Yeah, David isn't dead either..

L- Bring them both to the couch.. 😔

Alex and Zane carry Gabbie to the couch, and then carry David to a different couch..

They all sit down..

A- *sighs* I want to know what happened to David..
Z- But first.. Scott.. We have to take him to Kristen..
A- Yeah.. Lets carry him..

Liza sits down beside Gabbie..

L- Gabbie.. Please wake up..😥

Liza sees  David's eyes start to open..

L- D-David!!

D- What h-happened..?😕

D- GABBIE! What happened to Gabbie?!
L- We don't know but, out of no where, you started to hate her, when Gabbie and I came back.. Y-You were angry.. You pinned her to the wall and started to choke her.. Then she fainted..
D- Gabbie!! I'm so sorry! I swear I didn't do it!! 😰

Alex and Zane walk over to David, Liza and Gabbie..

A- Look who's awake..
Z- The one who made Gabbie faint..
D- Guys! I'm sorry!!

The lights turn off.. The speaker turns on by accident, they hear their conversation..

?- Hahaha!! Brainwashing him was such an amazing plan!
T- You already said that..
?- I don't care!! Nobody knows! Hahaha!
??- T-The speaker is on..

The speaker turns off and the light turns on..

Everyone looks at David and hugs him..

D- G-Guys!
A- We're so sorry..
Z- We should've known!
L- Yeah..

Everyone sits back down..

L- I hope Gabbie is okay.. 😥

~45 minutes later~

Gabbie starts waking up, she has a terrible migraine..

G- Ow.. What happened..?

Liza jumps out of her seat and runs to Gabbie..

L- GABBIE! Are you okay?!
G- Yeah.. I just have a- a terrible fucking migraine!
L- Oh.. Lay down..
G- Okay..

Liza tells Gabbie what happened and David slowly walks towards Gabbie..

D- Hey..😅

Gabbie looks at David..

G- Hi.. Ow..
L- Gabbie, you should rest..
G- Uhh, okay..

Gabbie goes back to sleep..

Zane and Alex go to Gabbie.. While David and Liza talk..

Z- Hey Alex?
A- What's up?
Z- Can I tell you something?
A- Sure.
Z- Promise not to tell a soul?
A- Promise..
Z- I like Gabbie..
G- Y-You do..?
Z- Shit..
A- I'm gonna leave you two alone.
Z- O-Oh okay..😅

G- I like you too Zane..😊
Z- Really..?
G- Yeah..

Alex, Liza and David talk.

Zane kisses Gabbie..

The others don't even notice.😆

Z- I'm so sorry!
G- Don't apologise.. I enjoyed it, haha.
Z- Hehe. Anyways, you should rest..
G- Okay..

Gabbie goes back to sleep..

Zane goes over to Alex, David and Liza..

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