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Taking care of jisungie

"Jisung stop being goddamn stubborn and eat up"minho ordered. It has been 20 minutes and minho is still doing the same thing over and over convincing jisung to eat the porridge.

"Noooooo i hate porridge they taste disgusting"the squirrel whined nonestop as he turn his face around so minho doesn't feed him.

"I'll take your phone from you and not give it back for 5 months"minho threatened which made the younger shake his head immediatly and eating the porridge fast.

The sight of jisung eating and being messy made the older only giggles because of his cute behavior.

If only you were mine jisung I don't know if i could hold myself around u anymore damn it...minho thought as he stared at the squirrel looking boy.

"Done~~ now can we watch a movie?"the younger said in a cute voice making cute poses to convince the older.

The older only chuckles at the younger cuteness "fine onky one movie" he said making the younger nod happily.

But minho being the evil minho he knew the squirrel hates horror movies so he putted one of the most hated movies in jisung's list and sat next to the younger.

From the start tilk the middle of the movie all jisung did was shouting and snuggling closely to the other sometimes he would cry, sob or would touch minho's private place which made him turned on.

"Jisung-ahh mind taking your hand away from my private place please"minho begged which made jisung eyes widen and back away falling down from the bed.

Just as he fell down a jump scare came making jisung scream loud which made the older giggle and cuddle him.

"Ur such a crybaby you know..just sleeo and listen to my heart beat it'll calm you down"minho told the shorter which he only nodded and did as minho said.

All minho hoped right now was never wake up and stay like this but oh well god sure hates him huh.


And that's how minho's day got from amazing to worst day of his life

This was shorttt sorryyyy but i hope u liked it? Probably no lolz anyways byee

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