Chapter 13

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When we woke up we had school, so we got dressed, I was lazy so I put on an Adios crop top hoodie and matching sweats.
Then we went to school.

"Hey Kid?!"


"We should have like a housewarming slumber party or something." I smiled.

"All our friends will be there it will be so fun, please!?!?"

"Our friends?"

"Well if they are my friends they are your friends too."

"Alright if that's what you want then we can have a housewarming slumber party."

"Yay, thank you!"

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He returned it wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Get a room you two." A voice said behind me.

I turned around. Everyone was there Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Franky, Robin, Brook, Tony, Ussop, Vivi, Law, Ace, Sabo, Thatch, and Marco. I was so happy to see them all together like this.

"Guys!" I smiled.

They laughed.

"Its a good thing your all here I wanted to tell you something."

"What is it?" Ace asked.

"So Kid and I got kicked out last night so now we are living in the old tree house. I wanted to have a housewarming sleepover thing and Kid said I could. So can you guys come or naw?"

Everyone ended up saying they could, I was so happy. We went to class. During school, at lunch, I didn't eat, I was too exited. And after school Kid and I went straight to the bank. I took out all the money my mom left to me in her will. It turned out to be a lot more than I expected. She left 2 grand in there for me, I never knew we even had that much money.

I was in shock, but I didnt have time for diddly daddling I had to hurry. We went to the store and got a whole bunch of snacks, and some alcohol. We got some games we could play, and we already made sure to tell everyone we are gonna swim so they need to bring swimsuits. Then we went home to get everything set up. Soon there was a knock on the door. Luffy was already here with Ace, Sabo, Thatch, and Marco.

They put their stuff in a corner and sat down at the couch watching the football game, of course Luffy didn't understand it though. During halftime a few more people showed up, Robin, Brook, Zoro and Tony all came together and Vivi, Sanji, Ussop, and Franky all came together, Law of course came by himself. The boys all went back to the game but the girls and I started on some pizza. When the pizza was done I went and sat on Kid's lap, eating my two slices and drinking some alcohol. Kid thought it was sexy witch is weird cuz most people don't like alcohol breath.

I giggled at him and told everyone it was time to go swimming. I went up to the room and got my bikini on, Kid put some swim shorts on too.

 I went up to the room and got my bikini on, Kid put some swim shorts on too

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I ran downstairs like that, Ace and Law blushed and kept staring. Kid growled and glared at them. Vivi did the same to Kid, she was drooling seeing him shirtless. I honestly wanted to slap her. We all ran down to the pond by the tree house. I jumped in and splashed Kid, he growled cuz the water was cold, but soon he jumped in and started a splash war. Everyone had so much fun, we played volleyball, and raced in the water, we also went back home and played some cards. We were all pretty drunk now and we started playing seven minutes in heaven, but a little different. We each had our names in the hat 14 times, so we could all have a go with everyone. The first two people called were Luffy and Vivi, it was pretty quiet considering how innocent Luffy was. Next was Ussop and Sanji, that was just down right funny. Then there was law and Luffy witch was quiet, but then it was Law and me. Kid wasn't very happy, he was seething the entire time, but I still went into the closet with him. It started out awkward, but then he started to speak.

"Look, (Y,n) I'm sorry I did what I did, but I was trying to protect you. Doflamingo is like my uncle, we just wouldn't work out. I was trying to keep you from exactly what Kid is doing. He is putting you in danger."

"I can't believe you, you screw my best friend, then you say you were protecting me, now you are trying to keep me from the one good thing that has ever happened to me?! I knew you had issues Law, but I didn't know they would make you possessive like this."

"(Y,n) please I'm not being possessive I just don't want you getting hurt."

"Whatever Law."

Then the seven minutes were over. We redraw the names and Kid and I were next. We walked into the closet and before the door was shut Kid glared at Law, pulling me to him by my waist and kissing me deeply. Law and Ace both looked sad, but they now knew, they had zero chance. Once the door was shut Kid removed his lips from mine.

"What did he do?"

"Nothing, he was just trying to convince me that your bad and that your gonna get me killed. I just ignored him, I got a little mad actually."

Kid growled. "I hate him."

"He's wrong though right, you wouldn't ever hurt me?"

"No way in hell."


I reached up and kissed him going down and kissing his neck, sucking, leaving marks. He didn't seem to mind though. I went lower kissing down his abs, I got right above his shorts and the doorknob wiggled. Kid grabbed it preventing it from opening.

"Go on." He said.

I pulled his shorts down and took his erect head into my mouth and swirled my tongue.

"Hey guys it's stuck." Vivi said in the background.

I slowly took more of him till I got to maybe half the size, maybe. I started to bob my head like that flicking my tongue. I went faster hearing his growls of pleasure.

"(Y,n)~" He moaned.

I grabbed the base with my hand and stroked what I couldn't fit in my mouth. I stroked faster his moans egging me on. I got horny.

"Fuck~ (Y,n) I'm gonna cum."

All I could do was hum, the vibration pushing him over the edge, moaning my name. I pulled his shorts up, and he let the door go. It opened and everyone fell.

"Oh it's unstuck..." Vivi said.

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