Chapter 14; Yours Truly, Michael

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She didn't know what to do, so the best option for her was to just avoid Michael as best as possible. It would be hard since they live together, and they had to keep the truth from her mother but she knew she couldn't be around Michael if neither of them could contain how they feel. . .

The next morning Olivia woke up and got dressed. She had texted Triniti the night before to pick her up. She wanted to be gone before Michael was up but she was sure he was already awake. She finished getting dressed and rushed into the bathroom. She brushed her hair and teeth and skipped makeup this time. She was wearing black leggings with a hooded short sleeve crop top and white nike sneakers. She rushed downstairs and was surprised when she didn't see Michael. He must've already left, she told herself. She grabbed a granola bar to eat. She heard a horn outside and left knowing it was Triniti.

"Hey girl." She said as she entered the car.

"Hey, Liv. You're out of breath, and sound bothered by something. You okay?" Triniti questioned her as she put her car in drive and left Michael's house.

"I know I asked you to pick me up, and I'm happy you did.. but Michael didn't know that and he just left without even waiting for me. Like what if I didn't have a ride?" Olivia complained.

Triniti shook her head, "so how did it go last night?"

"He brought it up to me. I told him we shouldn't really hang around eachother anymore. I really like him Trin, but how can I be with him... he IS my teacher." Olivia admitted.

"Well, not after next month he isn't. But don't even stress it. You've got Bryson now. Just focus on getting out of school and your new little boyfriend." Triniti teased her. Olivia nudged her. The girls pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car. Triniti locked her car and began walking while Olivia froze. "Liv? Come on!" Triniti called out. "Trin, his car isn't here." Olivia said in a worrisome voice. "He's probably just running late. Come on." Triniti reassured her. Olivia could feel a knot form in her stomach as she walked away with Triniti. She was worried. He wouldn't leave without her just to be late to school.


Michael officially awoke at 4 am. He was tossing and turning and waking up every hour. He was unable to sleep due to he and Olivia's conversation last night. His chest was in pain. He was unsure of what to do but he didn't want to stay away from Olivia. He got up and turned his light on, grabbed some paper and a pen. He sat down at a desk in his room and began writing.

~Later that day, Olivia; Lunch~

Triniti and Olivia were sitting at the table. Triniti was eating but Olivia didn't have an appetite. Bryson was getting lunch and decided to sit with them today.
"What's wrong with Liv?" He whispered to Triniti. "Probably just one of those days" Triniti lied. Bryson shrugged and sat down next to Olivia. He placed his hand on her back, "you alright, pretty girl?" He asked her. She painted on a fake smile and nodded her head. "I'm just not hungry. I didn't sleep well." She lied. "Can I take you out after school?" He asked. Olivia paused for a moment and wondered if she should go. She thought it would be best for her to go out and get her mind off of things. "Yeah, I would love to." She responded. Bryson and Triniti finished up their lunch just in tine for the bell to dismiss them. Olivia hugged Triniti and left with Bryson.
Bryson unlocked his car and they got inside. "So, what do you feel like doing today, Liv?" He asked. "Let's go see a movie!" She suggested. "That's fine by me!" He responded. They fastened their seatbelts and left to go to the theatre. When they arrived, Bryson was a real gentleman and opened her door for her. They made their way inside and scanned their options. "The Notebook!!" Olivia squealed. Bryson chuckled and bought two tickets for The Notebook. They took their seats in the theatre and the previews started. "So what made you like me, Bryson?" Olivia asked. "Well, to be honest I think you're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I just hope that I can have a chance to get to know you and convince you that I can treat you like a Queen. You deserve it." He said. Olivia got butterflies. "Oh, that's so sweet" Olivia responded. "So, how do you feel about me so far?" He asked. I just met you...she thought. "Well you're very handsome and clearly a gentleman, so that's good." Olivia responded. Bryson smiled. The movie started, the lights got dimmer and everyone in the theatre grew quieter.

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