• 'My Boyfriend Does My Makeup' •

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{Modern Day Thrad era}

(Y/N: Your Name, Y/E/C: Your Eye Colour)


You're a reasonably successful YouTuber, making videos about makeup, advice, music and life in general. You've recently hit 100,000 subscribers and decided to give your viewers the one video that they were constantly requesting.

"Hey guys!" you waved to the camera, sat cross-legged in front of the camera, which was set up by Michael's bedroom window in his room at Hayvenhurst.

"So to celebrate reaching one hundred thousand subscribers, I have a special guest..." you grinned wide and widened your eyes, staying still and looking from side to side while you maintained your expression for the camera. Upon hearing nothing you raised your eyebrows a little, still smiling wide, "I said, I have a special guest..." you repeated a little louder.

All of a sudden an excited Michael came tumbling into the room, crouching down in the background of the shot and doing a terribly executed forward roll, arms and legs flayling everywhere as he rolled way away from you instead of ending up sat next to you as he had planned.

You broke down into hysterics when you turned to look at Michael, who had somehow got stuck under his bed but was thankfully laughing just as much as you. You helped him out and he plonked himself next to you, visibly out of breath with slightly messed up hair and you couldn't help but carry on laughing at the sight.

"Oh man..." Michael mumbled as he caught his appearance in the viewfinder and sorted his hair quickly before composing himself. "Hellooo!" he said cheerily, no doubt charming your viewers with his breathtaking smile, but you had doubled over so you were mainly out of the shot, giggling uncontrollably.

Michael jokily rolled his eyes but grinned down at you, "What!? I was trying to make an entrance!" he said in a playfully defensive tone but was now laughing too. You took a deep breath and sat back up, "I'm sorry! You just looked so determined and then..." you broke down into more giggles when you looked at him, making Michael grin and roll his eyes again.

"Get a hold of yourself, girl! You have one hundred thousand people watching this!" Michael laughed, lightly shaking your shoulders. "I'm fine, I'm good now" you finally stopped laughing and wiped away your tears, taking a deep breath.

"Well, hopefully that entrance was worth the wait!" you said cheerily to the camera, making Michael giggle before he waved at the camera as you introduced him once more, "This is Michael, my boyfriend! I'm sure many of you have already seen him on my Instagram and Twitter, but this is his debut on my channel!" Michael smiled lovingly at you the whole time you were speaking and you 'caught' him when you turned to him as you continued speaking.

"So today we're going to- what is it?" you asked when you saw him watching you but he just laughed, "I'm just proud of you, Y/N" he replied, smiling at you which caused you to blush, your bare-faced state meaning that your rosy cheeks were on full show to your dismay. "Aw, thank you Mikey" you cooed, affectionately leaning your head on his shoulder and smiling for a second before getting back to the task at hand.

"As I was saying," you giggled, "today Michael is going to do my makeup! It was the most popular suggestion from you guys, and I'm curious to see how well Michael will do at this" you wiggled your eyebrows jokily at him and grinned, causing him to face-palm while laughing a little. "One hundred thousand people, that's so much pressure!" Michael said overly-dramatically, placing the back of his hand against his forehead, mocking exhaustion.

You laughed at his silliness, "I have confidence in you, I think you're gonna do a good job" you said in a genuine tone, placing your hand on his arm, but Michael was still goofing around. "Oh now that you've said that there's even more pressure!" he exclaimed, "I'm sorry, Y/N, I just need some air for a moment..." Michael continued dramatically, getting up and pretending to leave but turning around after taking a couple of steps, all smiles, "Kidding!"

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