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You are a nineteen, turning twenty, year old senior college student. And this is your story, about how you discovered him, how you fell in love with him, how you fell in love with his music, how you met him, and how your heart broke because of him.

He was touring across the world spreading love, and you were in your home country struggling to survive your courses. Then it all went down to you, losing your confidence, closing yourself, withdrawing from people. He holds out his arm for you to reach but you were blinded by your own flaws.

   "It's you, I hear, but not so loud, not so clear.", He gave you a weak, but a reassuring smiling, pulling you in and touching your heart once more. But the back of your head, the infinite what if's and fears are swirling around making you break even more.


Remembered saying that my version of an idol x fan love story is angsty? Or my fantasy has always been angsty?

This story isn't my story,
but heads up!
This might be hella angsty.

The girl behind this crazy ass story 💋

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