Chapter 6

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"You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it."

"Good morning, how did you sleep? Come sit, have some pancakes, I've made some to thank you and Jonah for looking after Mina."Julia greets me as I make my way into the kitchen from the spare bedroom, I'm already dressed in denim shorts and a plain grey T-Shirt, I'll just shower later when I get back from the beach.

"I slept really well, thank you. You don't have to do that, I honestly enjoy looking after her." I reply with a smile, taking a seat at their breakfast bar, taking in the glorious scent of the pancakes as they cook on the stove.

"Well, I really appreciate it. Would you mind going and waking Mina and Jonah up so they can come and eat these pancakes while they're still fresh." She sends a smile my way before turning back to the pancakes on the stove.

"Sure." I get up from the breakfast bar, deciding to wake Jonah up first as his room is closest to the top of the stairs.

I knock on Jonah's door, calling his name as I do so. I don't expect the reply of him calling for me to come in. I open the door to see him sat out on the balcony with Harvey, smoking, thankfully he's already dressed in a Nirvana T-Shirt and basketball shorts.

"Hey, your mum sent me to wake you and Mina, she's made fresh pancakes," I inform him, his eyes lighting up at the thought of food.

"Yum! You go back down to mum, tell her I'm just getting Mina then I'm on my way down." He stubs out the cigarette and follows me out of his room, us splitting in different directions at the doorway, him to go wake Mina and I to go back to the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen to see three plates set out, with maple syrup, golden syrup, sugar and lemon all set in the middle of the breakfast bar.

Just as I've set the plates out on the table with cutlery Jonah walks into the kitchen piggy-backing a still sleepy Mina who is still dressed in her My Little Pony Pajamas, he sets her down on the end stool, taking the middle one himself, I sit on the last one, next to Jonah. Julia serves two pancakes each onto Jonah and I's plates, giving Mina one and finally serving herself two.

"What do you want on your pancakes MiMi?" Jonah asks, turning to his little sister, the way he cares for his little sister is so cute.

"Syrup, please." Mina yawns, scrunching up her cute face and stretching her arms.

Jonah covers Mina's pancakes and his own in Golden Syrup, cutting Mina's up for her, while I put Maple syrup on mine and Julia goes for the healthier option of Yogurt and blueberries.

"These are great Julia, thanks." I smile at her, tucking into the pancakes on the plate in front of me.

"No problem honey, you've helped out enough around here." She replies smiling at me.

While we are eating our breakfast we hear a knock on the door, Jonah has finished so he goes to answer it while the rest of us carry on eating. I hear two male voices talking at the door, presumably one is Johan, for a while before he reemerges in the kitchen.

"Jord, Logan's here, says he needs you home now and that it's important." He informs me, I quickly get up, wondering what on earth it could be that Logan needs me for so urgently that he couldn't just text me, Sadie and Jonah follow me out through the hall. "I'll bring your stuff by later." Jonah smiles sympathetically at me, whatever it is Logan must have told him and it must be important. I can help but feel like I want him to come with me.

"Hey Jordy." Logan smiles with tears in his eyes, pulling me into a hug.

"Logan, what's going on?" I pull back, my eyes wide with worry, searching his face for a hint of what has happened but all I find is sadness and worry.

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