Bonding Moments

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Clarke waited for everyone to recover from what they just saw her do to one of their fellow generals, she hadn't intended to attack Quint but his face and the memory of what he wanted to do to her just made her react that way and to be honest, she didn't regret it, now they all knew she wasn't a helpless little girl that came from the sky. "Where did you learn to do that?" Anya asked looking at her in surprise and somewhat with awe. "I used to train combat in the Ark with a friend but that is hardly important now,"

"What is important is that I understand your concern and complaints that waiting for Bellamy is a prayer and one you don't think will be heard, I get that. I really do. But I know him. I know he will come through, all we need to do is just to give him a chance otherwise we won't be able to fight the Mountain Men at all. One, because they control the acid fog. And two, they control the reapers. Without mentioning the weapons they have. If we face them like this, we will lose and that is not an option for any of us." Clarke said firmly looking at all of them.

"I believe in you." Anya said out loud and Clarke looked at her. "You were the first person to escape the Mountain and if you say Bellamy can do it, I will believe you." Anya said nodding at her and she nodded back. "Thank you. It's going to take Bellamy at least a day before he can make contact with us. In the meantime, instead of doubting him, we should plan what we will do once he succeeds and we can advance." Clarke said and the others nodded. "What do you suggest?" Lexa asked her and Clarke started explaining their plan. It was basically the same one as they had before and so the talks proceeded and ended with Quint still knocked out.

After the meeting was done, the two leaders and the generals started walking out of the place, and it was already getting dark and a little rain was coming down as Clarke turned to Lexa with a smile that Lexa didn't think she would like the meaning of it. "What do you think about a training session with me, Commander?" Clarke asked her and the generals smirked at her except Quint who had woken up and joined them after getting his wound checked by Nyko and was glaring at her but quiet about it this time.

Immediately, Lexa understood that this was what Clarke had meant earlier when she said she had an idea on what they could do and she smiled at the blonde girl. "I wouldn't want to hurt you and our alliance." She said joking and Clarke smiled taking off her jacket and smirked at her. "Don't tell me you're scared?" She said walking backwards and Lexa smirked. "Can I beat her up, Heda? I have been dying to do it." Anya said but Lexa shook her head and started removing her armor before following Clarke to a clearing as warriors started coming to watch.

"You shouldn't have done this." Lexa said to her smirking as she faced Clarke and the blonde smirked right back. "Let me be the judge of that besides we, sky people, need to learn right? Come on. I will not hurt you too much." She said and Lexa nodded before getting to position and they started to circle each other before Clarke made the first move and Lexa dodged as Clarke threw another punch and she dodged too before Lexa started giving it back and they started fighting, with the warriors cheering for them, and when Clarke or Lexa would dodge the attacks from the other, the cheering would grow louder.

Clarke knew that Lexa was holding back not to hurt her too much, though she has thrown Clarke to the ground a couple of times and the blonde was okay with it. It is not like she really wanted them to fight either but they were putting up a good enough show for the warriors. And as she started a series of attacks on Lexa who gave back as good as she was getting, the cheering was very loud and Clarke turned to look and saw Quint and that gave Lexa a chance to throw her down again but this time, Clarke reacted in time to bring Lexa down with her and change their positions so she was straddling the girl.

"I win." Clarke said looking down and Lexa smiled before holding her neck and with her leg, boosting them backwards changing their positions once again. "Not today." She said straddling the blonde and Clarke nodded as she looked at both of them covered in mud and dropping wet and smiled raising her hands in defeat. "Someday." She said and Lexa got up offering her hand to which Clarke took and was pulled to her feet. "Good fight." Lexa said to her and they were about to leave when Quint came forward. "I challenge the Sky Girl." He said as everyone turned silent and Lexa turned murderous as she stepped forward but Clarke held her back.

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