Chapter 1: So EXICTED!!!

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My alarm clock woke me up early at 6:15 and i cant wait for tommorrow and for today to be over i cant wait cuz tommor ow is ..My SCIENCE SCHOOL TRIP FOR THE FRESHMANS!!!! So i took my shower got dressed in shorts crop top and flip flops brushed my teeth combed my hair and walked downstairs i hugged my sis bye and said goodbye to my parents then i walked outside l see outside my bff carrie waiting for me

~Shira and Carrie convo~

Shira:hey (closes car door)

Carrie: What took you so long (drives off)

Shira: Sorry you know i take a long time to get ready

Carrie: Whatever so are you excited for the trip tommorow

Shira: Totally and i heard Craig (man of dreams) was going even better.

Carrie: Man you love him anywayz were here we better hurry up the bell is gonna ring soon.

(They park the car and go inside and walk to there lockers which are next to each other they see Lydia and shadi waiting for them)

Shadi: OMG you gotta hurry were gonna be late

Carrie: I told you

Lydia: If you guys are gonna take forever im leaving

Shira: wait were sorry so can we just go to class

Lydia: Works for me

( So they all walk to Mr. Fitz class just in time.)

So mr.fitz is talking but to me its wonk wonk wonk ( charlie brown style) because im too busy staring at Craig With his beautiful brown n blonde mohawk and those beautiful eyes omg ilove him.

So class is over and i keep doing that intill its lunch time

So i sit at the table near the bitchy divas even though there actually called the hot divas but there the opposite of that

Anywayz my table has Carrie, Shadi, Lydia, Lulu, and Sophie but im closer to carrie shadi and Lydia so were sittin and eatin lunch and lulu reminds us that the dance is the week after the trip

Sophie: Oh shoot the dance is next week

Lydia: We need dates

Carrie: Totally shira why dont you ask craig to go

Shira: he is goin with kayla

(The divas walka over laughing)

Kayla(leader: Aww the poor baby got no one to go to the dance with

Shira: I can go with someone else

Kayla: Who Philip (The loser who has no friends

Shira:no i can go with...

Kayla: exactly you have nobody to go with bitch you know craig barely know you exist so how bout you go cryin and run to your mommy

Shira: shut up bitch (punches kayla) how you like me now motherfucker

Shadi: you go girl

Shira: Oh shoot move i gotta use the bathroom

Carrie: where you going finish her off

Shira: no i gotta go ( its too late shira pees on the floor and everybody can see everyone in the cafe starts laughing) look what you did


lulu: oh no shira

(In the mean time shira is running and crying and bumps into Craig)

(She falls on the ground)

Craig: Are you ok?

Shira: Umm.. uh yeah

(He helps her up)

Shira: Thanks and im sorry

Craig: No it was my fault

(Shira blushes)

Craig: Why are you crying anyway

Shira: Oh.... uh im not crying

(He wipes tears away and they lean in to kiss each other and the divas walk over)

Kayla: What are you doing talking to that skank bitch who pees on herself and were you just about to kiss her

Layla and shayla: yea what were you doin

Kayla: shut up girls

(Shira's friends walk over and ask if she is alright but not too loud)

Craig: i ran into her she feel i helped her up and..

Kayla: i dont want to hear it

Craig: but you just....

Kayla: (walks over to shira and pushes her) stay away from my man

Craig: kayla dont push her

Shira: im not in the mood

Kayla: were over craig... GIRLS!!!!

Craig: Kayla wait( turns to shira quick) im sorry about this... KAYLA BABY PLEASE!

Shadi: Shira what happened back there

Lydia: yeah i barely understand what happened

Shira: i dont want to talk about it leave me alone im still upset (shira now walks to the bathroom)

Carrie: i fell bad now

Shadi: dont

Sophie: yeah

Carrie: should i go after her

Lulu: she wil come out eventually

(Meanwhile shira texts her parents she is goin to the juice bar before she comes home)

So the bell rings and shira's friends wait for her at her locker

Carrie: Where is she??? I think i should go and check on her

Shadi: No she will come

10 minutez pass

Lydia: ok i think we should go (they go to the closes bathroom but shira isnt in there she in the bathroom close to the cafe

Carrie: i dont see her

(Meanwhile shira sneeks out grabs her bags and runs to juice bar a couple blocks down)

Lydia: She proabaly went home



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