The Murder

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It was sundown, the fog started rolling in, the sun hidden by the thick dark clouds that had come with the rain. An unwelcome presence  filled the air, I just couldn't shake feeling that had shivers traveling down my spine.  The open fields that followed my estate seemed eerie as though it knew something I did not, mocking my ability to foresee what secrets it contained.

I stepped onto my porch, startled by the squeaking noises it made. With every step closer to the stairs the porch continued to make my presence know, each step louder than the next. After what it felt like eternity, I reached the grass. The rain had made it muddy but that would not stop me from the task that would be fulfilled. "It must be done" I thought, worry edging into my mind, sneaking and manipulating my decisions.

I quickly travelled across the fields to be greeted with trees, the entrance to the forest. I could feel the cold of the fog circling my ankles. It wasn't long before the fog consumed me, a sweet cold kiss upon my face. A snap of a twig behind me had me looking around in fear, I could hear my own breath as it quickened with my heart. "They are already here for me" I panicked, I don't have much time, I quickened my pace making sure I didn't hit any trees as my vision was lacking. Stumbling ahead I could see what I was looking for, a glimpse of hope, I kept pushing, until I was greeted with a howl, long and full of pain.

I don't have time to stop as the fog was beginning to thicken making it impossible to see. I spun in all directions feeling trees in my path. I could safely say my friend, I was lost. All the hope I had before, vanished along with my ability to see. All I could do was wait for the fog to clear before I continued, for who would know where I would be. Time passed and my heart slowed, I began to feel tired and sat down at the base of a tree that I had found nearby. I closed my eyes and rested. It wasn't until I heard something that startled me awake.

Someone breathing, heavily might I add. It kept coming closer until it felt as though it was at my ear. The breath warm on my neck made me still I felt as though I have died. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists. The cry of a murder of crows signaled in the distance. The presence beside me slowly slipped away. Gaining my courage to open my eyes, I saw something that would haunt my nightmares for eternity. My screams echoing across the fields resembling my own howls of pain before the murder began.

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