Chapter 5 - More questions than answers

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A/N Ok, so. This chapter is rather boring, and frankly doesn't have much happening.

BUT this chapter also answers some of the questions some of you faithfuls have been waiting for for absolutely ages.


Chapter 5: More questions than answers

It has been a week since the battle at Hogwarts and the ministry had a lot to do: tracking down runaway Death Eaters, keeping everything under control, making repairs, the works. Quite frankly Hermione was just glad that she did not work for the ministry.

According to The Prophet; a lot of people were angry with the Ministry, and a lot more people were trying to rebuild their lives; most without loved ones. The ministry were planning to have a memorial for those who died during the time of the Dark Lords reign, there were just too many to have individual memorials, so people were building a shrine where the fountain of muggles used.

Hermione knew she should go to the official opening, to pay respects. But how could she face seeing Harry and the Weasleys? Especially when they thought she hadn't attended Fred's, Tonks', and Lupin's funeral?? She had, but not officially, she had been there as a faceless onlooker. Nobody saw her.

She couldn't bear to see the look of disappointment on Mrs. Weasley's face, not after all she had done for her.

The opening was two months from now to give people time to adjust and recover. Hermione didn't think there would ever be enough time...

She spent most of her time in the Infinitam library, which was located just behind Gringotts (she was staying at the Leaky Cauldron which she tried avoiding because of happy yet still painful memories). And despite it being the largest Wizarding library in the Europe, containing over 400 million books (including a muggle section!), it wasn't very busy, making it her second favorite place in the world, after Hogwartrs of course.

Hermione couldn't find much about her assumed parents' history. She had found a book called Ancient Pure-Blood Bloodlines though she doubted its accuracy knowing the customs and traditions of traditional pureblood families.

She also found a handbook which apparently families used to consult when planning organised marriages, which told peoples family history, relations and the likes of almost every wizarding family from the 18 and 19 hundreds. Hermione even found a lot of her classmates' family history. For example: Ron was distantly related to Luna on his father's side and Malfoy on his mothers, and Harry and Tom Riddle were very, very distantly related (although if you believed the story of how the Deathly Hallows came to be then you would have already noticed).

However when it came to the names Jonathon Dragsworth-Granger and Jean R. Harmonie (the names mentioned in the letter she had received) the book had been rather vague and unhelpful. For instance there was a tiny passage mentioning that the Harmonie family owned one of the most ancient Gringotts vault recorded. However it also briefly mentioned that the Harmonie family were connected to the Malfoy bloodline, and during the pre-goblin-war period were actually close business partners and family friends.

Finding this new information Hermione decided it couldn't hurt to know a little more about the Malfoy's.

The Malfoy's, it seemed, had an interesting and lengthy family history. The Malfoy's hadn't (contrary to their current beliefs) always despised muggles, and as it turned out before and during the muggle industrial revolution, the Malfoys had been good business partners with a few high ranking muggles at the time, and at some point were good friends with the king of Scotland and were 50th inline for the throne.

Also (as it turns out) Draco himself is 1/64th Veela on his mother's side (meaning he is the 6th generation of the Malfoy family with Veela blood). Hermione couldn't help snickering that the beauty gene has skipped a generation.

The Dragsworth-Granger's history was almost just as useless. There was little to no information other than relatives (all of whom are no longer breathing or unknown), but even that was useless. It was like the creator of the book had no idea about the Dragsworths and Harmonies, or had just decided to that they were unimportant. Hermione couldn't help but grumble about unreliable resources.

After finding next to nothing on her supposed family's history, Hermione went to the extreme of breaking into the private part of the library (the equivalent to Hogwarts restricted section) and searched for private documents related both to Jonathon and Jean's families but found that both folders on the two were conveniently (as Hermione put it) missing. 

After a long while of consideration and inverted debating, Hermione thought it best to question the people last known to be in contact with Jean R. Harmonie: The Malfoys.

Hermione had read in the Prophet that Lucius Malfoy had gone to trial and had been sentence to life in Azkaban.

And his son Draco had been sentenced for 10 years for attempted murder, and association with the dark lord.

The duo were currently staying at the FCD (Facility for the Criminally Dangerous) it was a temporary alternative for those waiting for their sentence or waiting to be transported to Azkaban.

Hermione sighed, and grumbled about coincidences and small worlds, but couldn't help but feel a little relieved that she could still find information about her parents. Even if it meant talking to the people she wished never to see again.

It was time to see her recent captors.


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