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The wedding was less than four weeks away, and things were starting to get hectic.

They asked for our opinions on every single detail of the wedding. Melo can be a lil immature at times, so I made most of the decisions.

"Do you want the plate to have four sections or three?" The lady asked us.

"Do you want the plate to have four sections or three?" The lady asked us

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I elbowed Melo a little for him to fix his face.

"Three would be fine," I smiled politely.

She went away and I gave my attention to Lamelo.

"Can you please stop acting six and answer when they ask us questions?"

"Why can't we just get married right now? I'm ready to give you all my love," He said puckering his lips.

"I really hope you are," I said looking the other direction.

Lamelo was acting really suspicious lately. He was always on his phone and used it in a position that I couldn't see. Melo was my first boyfriend, so I didn't want to jump to any conclusions.

His phone dinged in his lap and he quickly swiped away the notification. I caught a glimpse of it before it went away.

"Why is Pizza Hut texting you?" I asked with an attitude.

"Customer appreciation text," He smiled nervously.

"Customer appreciation text my ass Melo."

"I won't sit here and be disrespected by no light bright nigga, so come correct or don't come at all," I semi yelled.

He stared at me blankly trying to open his mouth.

"Enjoy that hoe," I stormed out of the building.

I texted my mom for her to come get me since I came with him.

"Mekai baby please don't leave, I can explain it," Melo yelled running up to me.

"Save your shit for somebody else nigga."

"I gave you nothing but pure loyalty. I didn't want to get married just like you, but I finally thought we were on the same page. You played tf outta me Lamelo. Had me thinking you were really not the typical baller," I quickly blinked away the tears.

"Kai baby, I'm so sorry okay," He tried to grab me again.

I jerked back and continued walking.

"I'll delete her number, it was only one time Mekai. I swear," He pleaded.

"She wouldn't stop hitting me up, I was going to block her."

"Leave me alone Melo, please," I glared at him with glossy eyes.

My mom came right after I said that.

"I'm really sorry Mekai," He sighed looking down.

I turned around and opened the vehicle door. I got in and placed my hand on my head trying my best not to cry.

"Mekai baby, tell me what's wrong," My mom spoked concerned.

"He cheated."

She looked at me with sorrowful eyes and shook her head.

"You still need to get married Mekai, it doesn't matter the circumstances," she stated.

A feeling of rage immediately took over my body.

I was still forced into marrying the boy that got my heart and stomped it.

I didn't say anything. I gazed outside the window with silent tears rolling down.

Maybe I wasn't enough for him, he's a superstar and I'm just me.

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