Spontaneous Movement

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It's rush hour at Open Doors Soup Kitchen

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It's rush hour at Open Doors Soup Kitchen. Hundreds of dirty siphons shuffling around, but I see young faces in their midst. Vampires like us.

"What the hell ..." Sarah says. "There are so many."

"Diana was pissed at me?" Hannah says. "Holy shit. Santos has been, like, going crazy."

A girl with blue hair is squatted down talking to an old man with no teeth and fresh bite marks on his neck. She spots us, stands, walks up to me and thrusts out her hand.

"I'm Darcy," she says. "Father Pete said you might be coming."

"He did?" I say, taking the hand uncertainly.

"Yes," the girl replies. "One of your friends, Vince..." at this, the girl wrinkles her nose a bit, "joined us last night."

"Vince!" Hannah sighs happily.

"Is he here now?" I ask.

"He's with Father Pete."

"And who is this Father Pete? I keep hearing about him."

"He's our spiritual leader. The one who started this place for us. I can take you to him ... I think he's upstairs."

"What is this place?" I ask, looking around, fascinated. I'm amazed to see so many vampires milling around among the siphons, serving meals.

"It's our ministry. Caring for the food."

"This is beautiful," I say as we make our way through the hall. I try to ignore Hannah, who is making a show of wrinkling her nose and avoiding contact with any of the siphons. I feel like she deserves to feel a little uncomfortable after all the shit she put us through, and I'm just geeking out on the size and sheer audacity of this operation. This is exactly what Diana and I have been discussing—siphon maintenance on a large scale. I can't believe I never thought of this ... a homeless shelter! It's brilliant. Totally solves the issues of scale Diana and I faced, and it doesn't even need to be hidden! There's got to be plenty of spontaneous rotation as these siphons move in and out of the facility.

I'm a little embarrassed when I think about my little garden at home—suddenly it seems so small and paltry. This. This is the way to go. "Amazing."

"Father Pete is amazing," says the girl with blue hair. "I can't wait for you to meet him."

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