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Imogen Fox, the personal assistant of the Mayor of Fleckney Woulds, was drinking the third cup of coffee, which of course was rather daft. It was late in the afternoon; she hadn't had her lunch; so, her hands had started shaking 83 mg caffeine ago. From time to time she'd throw a look at the Mayor's office door.

Half an hour ago the Mayor had locked himself behind the said door, with Inspector Balinson and Sergeant Cooper, after the latter had brought Imogen and the Mayor to the Town Hall, right after he'd dramatically announced that two bodies had been found in the debris of the town's dam. The dam had been demolished earlier this day - and it was Imogen who'd come up with the idea, planned, and supervised the whole project!

The door finally opened, and the DI and his Sergeant stepped out.

"We'll keep you informed," the DI promised politely, and the Mayor nodded.

"Come into my office, please, Ms. Fox," he said to Imogen, who'd jumped to her feet and was as much as vibrating from her habdabs.

Imogen edged in, under the mournful gaze of Sergeant Cooper. And here Imogen was, thinking that the confusing aggro with Cooper's alleged feelings for her had been reserved.

She closed the door behind her. The Mayor was back behind his desk. Imogen fidgeted with the belt of her dress. It had been such a confounding day! Even the aforementioned dress seemed off now. She hadn't put on her usual office clothes since she knew that after the official ceremony and the demolition she was to join the Mayor at a picnic on the hill overlooking the now flooded area. So, now she was feeling increasingly uncomfortable in her navy maxi dress, which felt frivolous and out of place in the office, with a potential double murder hovering over them like the Poe's raven.

The Mayor somehow still managed to look put together, even in his short sleeved light blue shirt. He looked up at her from some papers on his table.

"What did they say?" Imogen squeaked.

Her state of mind was no less dubious than her outfit at the moment. As the Mayor's personal assistant, she knew how much information could be requested and shared; but on the other hand, the flooding of the Western Moors wasn't exactly a straightforward business.

"They're still working on the crime scene; but for a while the area will be unavailable for the general public, or the construction crew," the Mayor answered. "The deaths do not appear to be suicides; and they aren't disclosing the identities of the victims yet."

Imogen made a polite noise, signalling that she heard him. She suddenly realised, that as much as she admired the man's professionalism, she currently fancied a bit more of a... personal approach.

"But... it has nothing to do with... me, right?" she asked quietly. "I mean us. Us, as in the administration," she quickly added, worried he'd misunderstand what 'us' she was talking about.

The Mayor once again tore his eyes off his papers and gave her a scrutinising look. Imogen squirmed.

"Why would it have anything to do with us? I doubt you've tied up two people and left them to die in the soon to be blown up dam." He chuckled. "I know I haven't."

"It's just Andrew... I mean, Sergeant Cooper came to fetch us. And... you didn't invite me to join the conversation," she finished in an embarrassed whisper.

It sounded quite entitled, didn't it, Imogen worried.

The Mayor studied her again - and then patted his knee. Imogen dashed from her spot and eagerly climbed on his lap. His arms went around her, and she stuck her nose into his neck. She felt exceedingly better.

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