1 ~ Whoops

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I was at home just checking my Snapchat and came across a PMOYS. I've always added the person who had these. Mostly because I'm just lonely and looking for someone to talk to or someone to start streaks with.

I said the username out loud so that I could remember it. "'Pikaboi29."

I went to the add friends and typed in the username, proceeding to then hit add. After about five minutes he added me back.

I closed my phone and put it in my back pocket. Then went to go see what my roomie was up to.

"~Haru-chan whatcha' doin?~" I singsonged.

"Nothing much just working on this drawing." She sighed.

"Oh well, what are we gonna make for dinner I'm starving? " I asked while my stomach let out a growl.

"I dont care. I'm not too hungry right now." My rommie said keeping her attention focused on her drawing.

"Okie dokie,  I'll just order some pizza then. I'm too lazy to cook." I said walking out of Haruna's hearing a short "okay" as a reply.

I went back to the oh so comfy couch and sat down,  unlocking my phone and calling my favorite pizza place.  I ordered a pepperoni pizza with a liter of [some soda you drink😂].

While I was waiting I figured I'd send streaks on my snapchat real quick. I took a pic of my tv with the caption streaks//recents and then locked it and went to see what's good on Netflix.

I decided on watching Santa Clarita's Diet. (I love this show sm guys I recommend u check it out) 

After about one episode the pizza arrived. I quickly got up and payed the pizza dude and thanked him.  I then rushed into the kitchen opening the box of delicious pizza,  and began stuff in my face. 

"HARU-CHAN PIZZA IS HERE!!!!" I yelled to my quiet roommate.

She trotted out into the kitchen and grabbed a plate, placing two slices on it and heading back to her room  with a small "Thanks, I'll pay 'ya back later."

I nodded as a response and flopped on the couch with a piece of pizza in hand,  proceeding to turn on the show I had been watching before.

As I got up to dispose of my plate,  I felt my phone buzz in my pocket I unlocked it and saw that it was a Snapchat from my friend, Jiro from work reminding me that she wasnt going to be there tomorrow.

I snapped a quick pic of myself and put "ok" And sent it.  Almost immediately my phone went off again only to see that it wasn't my friend who replied, but the boy I added on snap earlier.

I opened the snap and it had a picture of the boy and a caption saying "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

I rolled my eyes at the sad attempt of flirting and took another picture of myself with the caption.  "No,  but I did get a few scratches and bruises crawling my way outta hell."

I sent it and then sent the snap saying "ok" to Jiro at work double checking to make sure it was her and not someone else I was sending it to.

I then again felt my phone buzz once more.  Being the boy I added earlier. "Damn that must've been rough,  I'm Denki Karinari btw"

I once again rolled my eyes at this. "My name's [F/N],  [L/N]. Pleasure to meet u or whatever."

Well as promised I made the Kaminari fanfic.  I don't ever see many of him so I thought why not write one. 


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