Chapter Twelve (Light Up The Darkness)

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A sudden scream pulled me forward. I could feel darkness grab me and toss me backwards.

I opened my eyes to trees everywhere. The air crisp and sweet. I breathe deeply and felt a surge of nausea, as I threw up blood. I knew it was coming and that meant my time to get home was very short. I'd expected to wake up where I left in hospital. Jackal's adventures derailed that.

The middle of the forest was not it. But the peace of the forest was broken. As my ears picked up a crunch of footsteps. Quickly I pushed leaves and mulch over my blood and stood carefully.

I could see a figure in brown homespun walking with the staff towards me. I eased out from behind my tree. Clearing my throat. His head was thrown back at once, eyes light with excitement.

"Highness?" More statement than question.

I looked carefully at his brandy colored eyes and dirty blonde hair and beard. Trying to place him. When all of a sudden he puffed out his cheeks.

"Fishy, is that you?"

"Yes, Highness!" He laughed.

"Where are we?" I asked looking around.

"Last time I saw you, was on the red planet! But for me that was a few weeks!"

"A few weeks, Highness? We are settled on your home planet. Many chose different places to settle in the Exodus."

"But why am I here, I shouldn't be!"

"Oh God's, I was so distracted. Nightshade labors, and is dying Highness!"

"Holy hell's, why? She is strong, and it's not her first. Hurry take me to her, you can explain on the way!"

"She's been calling for you Highness!"

"Well that explains why I am here!" I said.

As we made our way through the forest, fishy explained everything I'd missed. The ships to home and the splitting of the people to different regions. As they tried to build settlements before the ships left. We came into the village to near silence as everyone stared. Then a cheer rose up.

Scar came bounding out of the hut in a rage at the noise. He faltered when he saw me.

"It's okay old man! I got you!" I said as I hugged him tight.

"Thank God's, thank God's!"

"Okay boys, let's not waste time! Bring me up to speed."

"Her waters broke, and baby isn't turning. All she does is scream and then she stopped screaming."

"Make sure we have hot water, knives and something to drink!"

I walked into the hut.
"I hear someone called for a midwife!"

Nightshades eyes snapped open.
"My sister, I've nothing left, the babe is dying and me with it."

"Not today my love! You called someone who could actually help! Three of my babes pulled what this little one is. We have quite a few options first, love!"

I reached down with energy connecting to the earth. Deep into the core of the earth and the plants and trees around me. Pulling the energy and conducting it from my body to hers. Even knowing the consequences I reached for the core of my being my life force to strengthen her and the baby. Anchoring them in life I could begin.

"Fishy, find me oil and soap and lots of water. I'm going to see what we have here. Scar, do we have any really strong children in the village? Wise beyond their years and love wee animals? I need a brave pair of tiny hands. Bring me your expert sewers too. And enough light to equal the sun!"

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