Confessing My Love For Michael Clifford

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You: Hey

Stranger: hi x

You: Whats up

Stranger: just chilling what about you?

You: Cuddling with a stuffed animal wishing it was Michael

Stranger: awww that's sweet have you met any of us?

You: No

Stranger: oh well this is ash but the way Xx

You: Oh, ok. Oh gosh I shouldn't have said that thing about Michael, I'm just a fail

Stranger: haha no I thought it was cute Michael won't cuddle with me

You: Aww you poor thing. Well at least you get to see him often

Stranger: so your a Michael girl?

Stranger: I'm guessing yes

You: That obvious?

Stranger: yeah yeah it is

You: Sorry, I'm just a walking essence of awkward

Stranger: haha no it's fine your sweet

You: Thanks

Stranger: so what do you like most about Michael?

You: He just seems so sweet, and awkward which I am.. so yeah

Stranger: haha well he can also be obnoxious hahahaha

You: Well aren't we all at times

Stranger: not calum he's perfect jk

You: Aww, thats nice to say

Stranger: no he's not Luke is thwarted perfect one...just kidding again

Stranger: the*

You: You're so nice to your band mates

Stranger: haha I try they can be annoying ;-)

You: You deserve a cookie, sadly I don't have any, but you deserve one

Stranger: well thank I gtg okay remember we love you lots Xx




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