Celeberty Crush

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Tonight was the Yule Ball at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry and you were nervouse. You are Y/n L/N, lead singer in B/N(band name). Why should you be nervous your a celeberty, ya ok she'd a lot of people love you but still you don't want to do something embarrassing in front of the school you will transfer to tomarrow. You were place in a house already, Gryffindor. You were ready to perform so you and your friends/ band started walking to the hall when you heard the sound of crying down a corridor. "Hey I'll catch up on a sec" was what you said as you walked towards the noise. You turn the corner to see a beautiful girl with brown curly hair sitting on step sobbing. She saw you and instantly got up and Reyes to walk away but you grabbed her wrist gently. "Are you Ok." The girl turned around and looked at you, her eyes widened when she saw who you were. The girl's face turned red and she stutters out "Y-Ya fine.J-just r-rough night." " What to talk about it. " "No" You thought for a moment, a girl should not be crying out in a corridor. She clearly was there do to her outfit. "Well to bad you have no choice." You said as you pulled her gently by the wrist to sit down next to you on the step. " What do you, Y/N L/E want to listen to my problems. Shouldn't you be performing. "Well if you tell me what wrong I'll get to that." " Well I was having a nice night with Victor when my best friend Ron Weasley had to ruin it all when Victor had been to leave. " Well this git didn't really sound like he wanted to hurt her, it sounded more like he was jelouse. "He sounds jealous to me." " What no he's not we've been friends for years he's like a brother to me. " "Well anyways I didn't catch your name" Her face went red. "Granger, Hermione Granger." " well I will be calling you Granger Danger because first names are simply too boring. "She laughed and her eyes were no longer red from crying." Well I should be at the hall. " You said as you got up and started to walk and when you turned she was still sitting there looking at you. "Well are you comeing." At that she got up and walked over to you. You walked her into the hall and stopped at the before you could be seen at the door. "Well Ill see you after Granger Danger, oh and watch for a stampede of fans." Then you walked in and as warned a fan stampede swarmed you. Ron came up to Hermione and his eyes widened when he saw who she was with."I came to apologize 'Mione ,i was a git and im sorry.""Its ok Ron." You looked at her and then her friends Harry Potter and who you think is Ron Weasley and smiled."See ya Granger." You looked at her and smirked as she blushed. As you walked away you looked back at a crowd swarming Hermione. You stepped on stage and the crowd cheered. You started singing and after a few songs it was time to leave. You and your friends were packed up and ready to go back to the train to take you to London. As you were leaving the hall you were thanked by Dumbledore who said he will see me tomarrow. You were about to go when you saw Hermione walking twards you now change in some regular clothes.


Sorry it was getting too long, part two is next.

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